Rotozip RotoSaw 5.5 Amp Basic No Frills Spiral Saw SS355-10


Rotozip has been known for their spiral saws for over 40 years, so when they redesigned their staple product and actually reduced the number of SKUs we were interested. The new RotoSaw ($69, Ohio Power Tool) is similar to its predecessor, Rotozip DR1 which had been the market leader however it gets a new 5.5 amp motor that cuts the weight to provide the best power to weight in the class.

The new spiral saw also moves away from the Velcro hand strap that limited hand positioning in favor of a new body design that allows the tool to be handles in a variety of positions. We were happy to see that go away and really like the new feel of this tool.     

For those looking for a basic spiral saws without all the bells and whistles this is the way to go. If you are looking for a spiral saw that has additional functionality checkout the full range of Rotozip products on Ohio Power Tool. For a little more on the RotoSaw watch the video below, or scroll down for the full RotoSaw press release below that.

MT. PROSPECT, Ill. – RotoZip® culminates 40 years of delivering unparalleled professional-grade cutting tools with the introduction of its most compact, lightweight Spiral Saw®, the RotoSaw™. The versatile new Spiral Saw system features groundbreaking ergonomics and is specifically designed to tackle plunge and freehand cuts in nearly any building material, including tile, wood, plastic, laminate, underlayment and drywall.  The RotoSaw is optimized for a broad range of applications and is compatible with more than 20 different cutting bits.


Its available dust collection system greatly reduces airborne debris while special venting works to keep dust away from the user. The unique system maximizes visibility and accuracy while keeping the work space clean. This is especially important when working in finished spaces, making the RotoSaw a versatile solution for today’s remodeling professionals, skilled DIYers and drywall installers.

The professional-grade RotoSaw is powered by a 5.5-amp MagnaCore motor that handles even the toughest materials without bogging down. Advanced electronics sense if the motor is being overloaded and instantly slow down the tool, preventing it from burning out. At just 2 ½ pounds, the compact RotoSaw offers best-in-class power-to-weight ratio. This, combined with an innovative dual-grip zone housing, allows for comfortable handling and superior cutting control in horizontal and vertical applications.


“Over the past 40 years, we’ve combined our expert knowledge with the latest technology in order to expand beyond drywall, providing users with the versatility and power to achieve superior results in virtually any building material,” said Randall Coe, Marketing Director, RotoZip. “With the new RotoSaw, today’s professional tradesmen and do-it-yourselfers can make quick plunge and freehand cuts with unrivaled control and accuracy – no more workarounds, no more barriers.”

The RotoSaw’s Universal Depth Guide enables users to pair the RotoSaw with compatible attachments and accessories, transforming the RotoSaw into a spiral system capable of creating precise overhead cuts for can light installation or slicing through wall tile to add a bathroom towel bar. Other RotoSaw features include serviceable motor brushes and a bump switch for quick tool power-down.

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