Ridgid SeeSnake Drain Cleaner is here, FlexShaft

Since the Ridgid SeeSnake was invented there has been the desire when you find a blockage, you use that pricey piece of equipment to just nudge it loose, right? The camera head is already there, why not just jab it a few times, if that doesn’t work, maybe just really give it some good hard pokes… oh no the camera went dark… It’s true and it’s happened many, many times before. Typically most only make that mistake once, then have much more respect for their camera as strictly a diagnostic machine. That all changes today, with the addition of Ridgid’s new FlexShaft!

The latest Drain Cleaner in the Ridgid Family is the Ridgid FlexShaft K9-102 ($879) which has a 50’ x ¼” cable and a chain knocker on the end. This unit is intended to clean 1-1/4”-2” lines with the chain automatically expanding to the size of the line. Also the larger unite K9-204 ($1,319) will have a 70’ 5/16” cable intended for 2” to 4” lines. In addition, both are compatible with a full line of accessory tips for grease, small roots and other blockages. The smaller unit is intended for sinks, tubs, urinals and showers while the larger model is for house drains and laterals.

The power source for these unit is your standard professional cordless drill which chucks right onto the unit in seconds. No dedicated motor, added weight, finding an outlet or costly repairs. It’s not going to fully replace your larger drain cleaners but we think it could become the most used drain cleaner in the arsenal pretty quickly.

The most exciting feature of the FlexShaft drain cleaners, it’s designed to work in conjunction with your Ridgid SeeSnake. Ran side by side down the drain, you can see the blockage get broken up, cleared out and never again will anyone ever try to clean a blockage with a SeeSnake camera head.

“The FlexShaft machine is the next big thing to happen to drain cleaning, not only providing fast clearing of soft blockages, but also enhancing efficiency by allowing for inspection cameras to remain in-pipe while work is completed,” said Tim Dunphy, marketing director, Underground Technologies, RIDGID. “It’s the perfect complement to the industry’s most complete line of professional drain cleaning tools and one that every professional will want to have on their trucks.”

Ohio Power Tool will have the both units in-stock as soon as available, which Ridgid is promising is early May, fingers crossed. These will be up for Pre-Sale early and we’d expect them to be very popular.


K9-204 – 64273
This larger FlexShaft machine specializes in larger lines more commonly found on commercial jobs. The K9-204 can be used on 2″-4″ pipe and includes 70′ of 5/16″ cable enclosed in the durable, nylon sheath.

K9-102 – 64263
A smaller version of the FlexShaft Machine, it’s lightweight and portability is perfect for 1 1/4″- 2″ pipes and includes 50′ of 1/4″ cable enclosed inside the durable but flexible nylon-sheath.

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