Quick Look: VentureGear Clandestine Noise Reduction Headset

Have you ever removed your hearing protection, risking possible hearing damage, just to hear a pointless, made up story a co worker has that day? Pyramex has you covered with the VentureGear Clandestine Electronic Earmuff. This headset amplifies hearing, while suppressing harmful sounds and reducing them to a safe level. You really need to hear it to believe it. 

An omni directional microphone is in place to pick up sound from any direction and amplify through the integrated HD speakers. You’ll be able to clearly hear your coworkers on a noisy job site while preventing possible hearing damage.

When the environmental noise level reaches 85 dB, the Rapid Noise Suppression kicks in to lower the noise level entering your ears. The NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) for the Clandestine Headset is rated at 24 dB. NRR is the difference between the environmental level of noise and the level of noise entering the ear.


  1. Environmental noise level at the ear is 94 dB.
  2. NRR is 24 dB.
  3. The level of noise entering the ear is approximately equal to 70 dB.

The Clandestine Headset, running on 2 AAA batteries has slim profile ear cups and fold-away, padded headband which provides comfort and ease of use. You need to hear them for yourself, order today at Ohio Power Tool!

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