Quick Guide to Selecting a Driver Bit Set

Everyone needs a good driver bit set in the arsenal even if you aren’t a professional or serious DIYer it’s always a good idea to have a few extra bits handy. When you start looking at bits sets however you’ll realize pretty quick they all fairly different as far as what’s included. First you have several types of screwdriver bits Phillips, Slotted, Square & Torx. Then you have 1”, 2” & 2 sided 2”. There are also “Impact Bits” for all these options as well. In addition to just the screwdriver bits some kits include nutsetters, socket adaptors, hex drill bits and quick change adaptors.

Impact Driver Bits – First off will you be using an impact driver like the Milwaukee 2650-20 or Bosch 25618 most of the time (not just occasionally but enough to break lots of bit heads)? If that is the case you should definitely be looking at a kit like the Milwaukee Shockwave 29pc kit. The Shockwave 48-32-4401 kit has all 4 types of screwdriver bits and 3 nutsetter bits so it’s fairly complete but it would have been nice to see the Shockwave Impact Adaptors in there, so handy with an impact driver. For many applications the “Impact” bits may be over kill so don’t feel obligated to get them especially if you aren’t using an impact driver.

Hex Drill Bits – Another quick way to weed out some of the options are Hex Drill Bits. It seems unnecessary because traditionally you had screwdriver bit kits and drill bit kits. Now-a-days however since we have so many compact driver tools that only use ¼” hex, like the Bosch PS21-2A, the hex drill bits are becoming much more popular. If you are using a hex driver tool a kit with these drill bits is very handy. Two good options are the Milwaukee 48-32-1500 or Bosch CC2130 which both have nutsetters, socket adaptors & quick changes but for some reason no torx driver bits in either. If you already have a kit or just want a nice set of 1/16” to ¼” hex drill bits the Milwaukee 48-89-4431 is a good option.

Screwdriver Bits – If you don’t want to play around and just need screwdriver bits the Milwaukee Puck 48-32-1700 is compact and has 20 1” bits for under $10. For a more robust driver kits with 2” bits as well the Irwin 30pc or Milwaukee 40pc bit kits are both nice. The Irwin does has 4 nutsetters vs Milwaukee with 2 however Irwin doesn’t have any torx bits and Milwaukee has 6. Typically you know if you need torx bits but if you aren’t sure some day you might run into that pesky weird looking shape, think back to this moment and say maybe a few T15, T20 & T25 bits would have been nice instead of an extra 3 Phillips?    

Basically there are lots of options for Driver Bits Sets and without too much overlap you should be able to find the right set at Ohio Power Tool. If you need any help selecting or have any questions, give the guys a call at 800-242-4424 or email [email protected] and they will be happy to help.


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