Power Tool Week In Review Ep118 | Milwaukee Gets Tested, Ridgid Wins & Ryobi Changes Color

This week, we trade in our tape measures for some new tech and John Malecki gives a watermelon a beating with a legendary hammer. View this and more on YOUR Power Tool Week In Review, Episode 118.

VCG’s M18 Battery Charging Test

Ridgid’s B-500 Pipe Beveler

This Old House’s How To Sharpen A Chainsaw

DeBoss Garage’s M12 Ratchet Giveaway

“I Build It” Face Frame for Cabinets

Tool Box Buzz’s Ryobi Jobsite Light Review

Workshop Addict’s Bosch Laser Tape Measure Review

Kruger Construction’s Milwaukee Hands-on

Tool Pig’s Makita vs Diablo Circular Saw Blade Face-off

Not sponsored just sharing. ???Wow!! Just like that I have a new favorite framing blade from @makitatools !!! Check my last post to see it! I never expected this result! As soon as I started with this blade I realized how it was going to go. That new Makita blade zips through this 2x lumber so much quicker and with less effort! I have gotten longer rips out of the @diablo_tools tracking point amped blades before but this is very dry 2x12x16 out of the same pile as the other one I used for the Makita blade. It is a hot day but I let the saw cool down for couple of hours . I thought maybe the Makita would do a few more feet but not more than double!! 302’ compared to 140’ for the Amped blade!! I don’t know if it handles nails as well or not butter will find out! I am going to be using these blades on this saw going forward to save batteries I’ll do some nail cutting tests with it soon to compare to the Diablo. #Blade #SawBlade #saw #CircularSaw #PowerTools #Framer #Framing #Carpenter #Carpentry #Construction #Demolition #cut #CarbideTooth #yousawitherefirstfam

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Tool Pros Podcast w/ Built By N8

John Malecki’s THOR Hammer

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