Power Tool Week In Review Ep112 | Home Depot vs. Lowes, Fein 18V Mag Drill, Bosch 400′ Laser

Wow! We’re 12 episodes in and the response has been amazing. Thank you for watching every weekend and the support. In episode 12 we look into the new Bosch Blaze Laser, search for the Electrician of The Year, pulling a truck with Fish tape and watch Home Depot & Lowes duke it out. To view all of this and more, watch the video above or scroll through the content below.

Workshop Addict’s 40V Dewalt Mower review:

Tools In Action’s Southwire Fishtape Review:

Fien_US’s new Magnetic Drill:

Klein Tools “Electrician of the Year” Contest:

Ridgid’s new Tile Tools video:

Mechanical Hub (Guest)’s Thermal Imager Review:

@mick_plumb and I are working with the new @ridgidtools RT-9X thermal imager . – RIDGID’s thermal imagers have a new pixel shift technology which effectively doubles the resolution of the camera. The RT-9X (the highest end model of four imagers) has 320×240 pixel resolution standard w/ 650×480 pixel resolution in SuperResolution mode . – The processing speed is way faster than other imagers Andy & I own and use regularly. The e-Assist and ScaleAssist tech make setting the camera for different materials and reflectivity super simple. The high/low identification is very useful when trying to measure extreme temp differences too. Overall we are both impressed with the rechargeable handheld imagery and will report more soon. Hope this helps ?????

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Toolaholic’s Shake-up:

ToolCrave’s Craftsman vs Husky sighting:

Bosch Blaze Outdoor Laser Measure:

Read more information from our recent post: Bosch BLAZE Outdoor GLM400C & GLM400CL Laser Measure | A Visible Approach To Measuring


This Week’s prize:

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