Power Tool Week In Review Ep. 117 | Bosch Gets Thinner, Dewalt Rebounds, & Milwaukee Makes An Impact

Bosch fits in with all the other thin batteries, @ToolHoarder shows off the Milwaukee collection and I’ve been pronouncing routers wrong for years! View all this and more on YOUR Power Tool Week In Review, Episode 117.

Matthias Wandel’s Dewalt Chainsaw Review

Bosch’s New Compact 4AH Batteries

Finish Carpentry TV’s Dewalt Mitre Complaints

New Industry Drop Standards

Tools In Action’s Gen 3 Milwaukee Impact Review

Toolaholic’s Dewalt 20V Mower Review

This @dewalt_ca 20v lawnmower runs so well on double 9.0 packs, that Im really looking forward to seeing what double 12’s will do. – I can cut both my front and back yards and the battery gauge will go down by 1 bar on one pack. – The trails left behind are from not bagging, which I dont tend to do. I would prefer a little more mulching action but Its no big deal, as I run around with a blower after I finish and break up any lines or chunks. – This is after 10 days of growth. My grass isnt too aggressive so the mower has no issue handling it. – If you live in an area with intense growth, Id recommend cutting before it gets much longer than this. I believe I had the height adjustment on 2 or 3. – #dewalt #lawnmower #20vlawnmower #lawn #lawnandgarden #landscaping #home #lawncare #coolvideo #dewalttough #flexvolt #grass

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Tool Hoarder’s Milwaukee Collection

Gear Wrench’s Tool Tattoo

How-to Pronounce “Routers”

CopTool’s Milwaukee VS Klein Beer Cooler Shootout

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