Power Tool Drag Racing Tomorrow in Columbus, Ohio

Yes just one day away is the 2nd annual Ohio Tool Racing Championship (www.toolraces.com) and things are getting pretty exciting around the Columbus Idea Foundry this week. Lots of people are piling in this week to get their projects finish. It will probably be a very late night at the shop tonight for some but we’d expect nothing less.

Our Coptool racer is 95% complete and a fairly menacing looking creation; after all there are some pretty big expectations on us. "The Reaver" is welded out of 1” steel tubes, powered by a 9” Bosch grinder pushing a 10” Milwaukee saw blade. See more pics in this Facebook Album. We are pretty confident she will smoke down the track and take any hits that come her way (although pretty inexperienced welder so watch out).


From 2-4pm there will be some exciting stuff going on with designing and building the belt sander racers, see blanks above to shop demos of metal casting, CNC and other fun stuff. The official Tool Races will begin at 5pm and we will race until a champion is declared.

Thank you to the Event sponsors Irwin Tools & Ohio Power Tool for donating hundreds of dollars in prizes (everyone who enters will also get a goodies bag valued around $50 worth the price of admission). Thank you to Liggett Stashower for all the creative eye catching artwork. Also a special thanks to all the Tool Media for helping spread the word: HandyManClub – Handy Magazine, ToolMonger,  Woodworking – About.com, HomeFixated, Pro Tool Reviews, ToolGuyd, Extreme How To Magazine, MyFixItUpLife – Radio Show, Tool-Rank, Contractor Supply Magazine, ToolSnob, The Garage Slab Magazine.

For the spectators the BBQ grill will be fired up all day and Pabst Blue Ribbon has stepped in to provide some adult beverages in addition to soda and water. The weather is calling for possible thunderstorms but we are in a covered outdoor pavilion so not to worries there. Additionally there will be some different demos from 2-4pm going on for Art Car design, Metal Casting & ShopBot CNC (you can even design your own belt sander blank if you get there early). Lots of fun and good people come check it out.

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