BIG Batteries. BIG Power. Is it worth it? Power Tool News S4E11

This week, we talk about the never-ending expansion of power tool battery platforms. Plus, Milwaukee releases the biggest Rocket Light ever, while Ryobi digs deep. This is your Power Tool Week In Review.

DeWALT | DeWALT Corded Drywall Sander

Today we’ve got several tool stories for you, starting with an announcement from DeWALT.

This is the DWE-7800 Corded Drywall Sander, which is technically set to replace the PC-7800 from Porter-Cable, and it comes with a bunch of upgrades. First, a variable speed range for better control, standard hook and loop backing for 9in pads, and a claimed 4 times longer driveshaft life. It also features a built-in AirLOCK connection port, for quick connection to DeWALT dust extractors, a dual-action switch for either momentary or locked-on states, and a more comfortable grip. These specialty tools are in high demand amongst drywallers, but they don’t come cheap. This corded example being $459. You can pre-order one today, for a 2nd quarter delivery this year.

Milwaukee | Milwaukee MX FUEL Tower Light

Milwaukee Finally launched the MX FUEL Tower Light of my dreams, and for now we’re going to ignore that $3000 price tag, and pretend I have one.

First seen all the way back at a private sneak preview at NPS19, the MX FUEL Rocket Tower Light is your own portable sunshine, pointing 27,000 lumens of illumination, onto whatever you deem to be dim. Thanks to it’s 8” all terrain wheels, you can easily move it across uneven ground on the jobsite, and when you find the perfect spot, these amazing outriggers extend out and automatically level the thing. Did I mention I want one? 

Finally, the tower can expand up to 10’ in the air thanks to it’s motorized mast, mainly so your neighbors know your Milwaukee light is bigger than theirs. 

But it’s not just a light, it’s a charger, which is good news considering the size of the MX FUEL REDLITHIUM XC406 battery, which will run for 3 hours at 20,000 lumens or 10 hours on the lowest setting, which sounds super boring to me. If I wanted low settings I’d buy something harbor freight. 

So back to that $3000 price. Assuming you have that much spare fold’n money, you can get one THIS month.

Workshop Addict | Ryobi 8” Auger

Speaking of huge tools, Brian got his hands on the new Ryobi 40V HP Brushless Earth Auger.

Ryobi continues to trick us into mentioning their tools, by slapping an “HP” on the side, and actually packing more power into the internals. This time it’s in the form of a huge 8” Earth Auger, that has Brian a bit flustered. Despite the hard state of an early March Earth, the auger did a shockingly good job of putting great big holes where there previously were none. Which is good, because that’s what a good auger does. 

Brian has several plans to use the new tool in upcoming projects, but for now, he just dug up half a field. For the full review head over to Workshop Addict.

Tool Talk | Battery Platforms

It’s time for some tool talk. Last week we talked about Milwaukee’s decision to release their first M12 23G Pin Nailer, without the FUEL features, and we asked you if their answer satisfied you. Gregg said, “Purchasing non-fuel tools makes me feel uneasy.” Something several of you echoed. Andrew Le narrowed in on the answer that made the most sense. “It’ not about whether we need a fuel version, it’s the fact we want a FUEL version. 

For this week’s tool talk, let’s talk about Power Tool battery platforms. Because it’s starting to feel like it’s getting out of hand. Milwaukee has the M12, M18 and MX, aiming to cover as many tools as possible. DeWALT has a 12, 20, and Flexvolt 60, Makita, well I’m not even sure, but it sounds like eventually we’ll have 18, 36, 40 and 80. And all the while, Bosch is claiming to cover the full range with just their 12 and CORE18 batteries, but I don’t see how they’ll ever take on MX with that. And of course for all the tools that land between, you end up with these 3.5lb 12ah batteries trying to fill the gaps. 

Of course the problem this presents, is how on earth do you commit to 1, 2 or 3 different platforms, even if you stick with just one brand. So this week I want to hear from you guys. Tell me what trade you’re in, and what platforms you chose. Are you brand loyal? Platform loyal? Do you have any regrets? And finally what platform are you likely to add next, and why? I’ll be ready to talk in the comments directly after the show.

Construction Junkie | Industry News

This was Women in Construction Week, and Shane over at Construction Junkie, pointed out a new industry survey that shows some important gains and highlights some work we all still need to get done.

A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that women only account for 10.9% of the construction industry, which is still a full point higher than 2019. 

To help amplify the voices of that 10.9%,  Levelset, a cloud based payment platform, conducted a survey of just over 1,000 women in construction. In addition, another survey of 718 women was carried out by The National Association of Women in Construction and Safe Site Check-In, a safety reporting application.

The surveys cover equality, opportunity, discrimination and harassment. And while there are still many areas that have greatly improved, About 40% of women stated that they have experienced discrimination based on gender and about 25% responded that they have received unwanted attention from coworkers, supervisors, customers, or clients. On a more positive note, 81% said that their supervisor would support them if they reported this unwanted behavior.

For the full story and the rest of your industry news, visit

Last week we talked about Milwaukee choosing FUEL, or No FUEL, which you can watch here. Thank you EGO and Ohio Power Tool for sponsoring this episode! We couldn’t do it without you guys. See you next week.

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