Perfect Power Tools & Accessories for Stocking Stuffers

48-32-1500 Milwaukee 38 Piece Quik-Loc Kit – $30.94
This Milwaukee Bit Set is critical to get the most out of your hex shank driver. Many of the new 10.8V-12V compact tools use the hex bit system which can limit the tools use without the right accessories. This kit not only has a wide range of driver bits but also several sizes of drills and impact bits.   

290-05 Dremel Engraver – $19.95
At the lowest price we could find anywhere this tool is very handy if for nothing else simply to engrave your other tools so they don’t walk off. The kit comes with extra tips and stencil kit for a professional look. Next time you are in your brother-in-laws garage and you think isn’t that my hammer? Now you will know because it’ll have your name on it.

T308B Bosch Extra Clean for Wood Jigsaw Blades – $9.49 (5 pack)
Possibly the most excitement about a new Jigsaw blade ever the T308B has received a lot of attention this year. These saw blades make such a nice smooth cut it keeps cuts from splintering and eliminates the need for rough sanding. These are a perfect gift for any woodworker or carpenter.  

11075 Hougen Rotaloc Metal Cutters – $78.75
If you do any amount of drilling into metal you know how tough it can be and how quickly the bits dull. The Hougen Rotaloc bits are completely different. These hole saw bits are 4 times quicker and last 10 times longer.

2051100 Irwin 9 in1 Screw & Socket Driver – $8.40
So much more than a screw driver this little tool packs in multiple screw driver bits as well as 3 square drive socket adapters. At that price it’s a great deal for the bits alone.

GT3000 Bosch Glass & Tile Bit Set – $38.91
These specialty accessories are ideal for drill into glass or tile. Install tile perfectly around bathroom plumbing lines or hanging items over tile with ease. The kit features 8 different sizes and is ideal for crafts and other projects.

48-22-8510 Milwaukee Right Angle Attachment – $52.13
Now you can use your power tool to get into spaces with only 2” of clearance. This attachment lets you get the most out of your drills, corded or cordless. 

2078110 Irwin 10” GrooveLock Pliers – $13.63
The Irwin GrooveLock features press and slide size adjustment saving time and making it much easier to size to tool. The uniquely designed grooves allow for much better grip on round, square, hex or flat surfaces.

49-24-0145 Milwaukee M12 Work Light – $19.00
This 12v flashlight works with all the other Milwaukee M12 tools. The tool features a magnet on the back to hold in place while working and an adjustable head to focus on your work. Great for anyone who currently has M12 tools or that might be getting some this holiday season.


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