Perfect Mix – 2 Stroke Engine Oil Mixing Made Easy

It’s spring time again and that means it’s time to get back out into the yard and get to work. For some people that means firing up the old 2 stroke engines whether it be for a weed whacker, edger, tiller, chainsaw, gas drill, atv, dirt bike, gokart or whatever else you have using a 2 stroke motor. It’s of course tons of fun trying to remember which gas can you mixed up the oil in and which can is regular gas. Tanaka makes it incredibly easy to mix oil with gas for 2 cycle engines with their Perfect Mix bottle. No messing or guessing. The 16 oz container will make up to 6 gallons of 2 stroke gas and it features a built in measuring cap right in the bottle. Simply squeeze the bottle and the top fills to the level you need. No need to pre mix and store gallons of 2 stroke, simply add mix as you need it in the garage or on a jobsite, no problem. The mix works with all your Tanaka Equipment but also any Partner, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Kawasaki or any other 2 stroke motors.

Ohio Power Tool sells the Tanaka Perfect Mix 16 oz bottle for $4.99, with discounts on case orders. Ohio Power Tool is not typically known for their lawn and garden equipment but do stock a full line of Tanaka gas drills, core machines, augers and accessories used by a wide range of professionals.


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