OSHA’s Fall Prevention: 2018 Safety Stand Down

As Safety Stand Down Week comes to an end today, let’s take some time to think about fall protection and what we can do to prevent injury or death on the job site. Seriously, take the proper precautions to go home the same way you came in. If you’d like to learn more about Safety Stand Down Week, Jay wrote a nice overview last year here, It’s National Safety Stand Down Week, May 8-12.

Please take a quick minute to review the 5 ways to prevent workplace falls:

  1. If you’re working at 6 feet or more, use fall protection.
  2. Before starting a job, make a fall protection plan.
  3. Provide workers (and yourself) with the right equipment for the job.
  4. Train everyone to use the equipment safely.
  5. Inspect your harness, lanyard, and anchorage point before each use.

It’s really that simple. Protect yourself and others. Stop Falls. Save Lives.

Ergodyne has a pretty cool feature for Tool Tethering Kits. You simply select a common hand tool and they’ll list out what you’ll need with short text and a 30 second how-to video. If you’re new to shopping for lanyards or interested in learning how this works, this is a great tool. Don’t forget to visit Ohio Power Tool to shop Ergodyne.

This week, FallTech has demonstrated their harnesses multiple times. Some demos showing how they can save you from injury and others showing what can happen if you miscalculate clear fall distance. Even if you’re only up a 6ft ladder, it could certainly do some damage falling off that thing. Unless your profession is professional wrestling, strap on a harness when you’re working on the ladder! Also, Ohio Power Tool has the full FallTech line available.

There is really no excuse not to be safe on the job site. I know safety is an extra step, but please be careful, watch out for each other and follow the proper safety procedures.

How do you prevent falls for yourself or coworkers on the job site? We’d love to hear for you.

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