Official Coptool 2011 Holiday Power Tool Wish List & Gift Guide

We tried to pull together some of the most popular power tool and related gift ideas for the 2011 holiday season. These would be gifts for real men who like to actually build things and use their hands, also women who can kick our asses; we definitely don’t want to leave them out.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife 48-22-1901
($14, Ohio Power Tool)
Simple flip out design, uses standard utility knife blades and a basic wire clip somehow all add up to the winner of the Coptool 2011 Utility Knife Showdown. We use ours daily it’s pretty sweet.

AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpeners
($11-12, Ohio Power Tool)
Made in USA and available in standard AccuSharp White or AccuSharp Camouflage ($1 more). It pays for itself by keeping all your tools and knives sharp. It also works on your kitchen and serrated edge knives.

Edge Polarized Sunglasses, ANSI Approved for Safety
These great looking glasses come in a very wide range of styles and lens colors. They feature some of the highest rated clarity in a polarized lens, even against glasses 10x the price. No to mention they are all ANSI approved to protect your eye balls and used by several branches of the military.

Ridgid 2011-2012 Pinup Calendars ($14, Ohio Power Tool)
Still a year left on this 75th anniversary collector’s edition Ridgid Pinup Calendar. Come on keep on grandpa’s ticker beating strong and stick one in his stocking this Christmas. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

For the Guys that Love the Latest Gadgets

New Milwaukee M12 Tools
($99-2500, Ohio Power Tool)
We are not really sure where to start with how many new gadget that have come out in this line up just in the last 2 years. From Thermal Imager, to Heated Jacket, also in Camo, to Jigsaw, to Palm Nailer to Ratchets and is that a cigar cutter… Really looking forward to more in 2012, how could you go wrong with this 12V battery system.

Bosch Jobsite Radio with Free BAT610G Battery
This thing is near impossible to destroy and an awesome gift for any gadget monkey. We played corn-hole with it while it played (watch Power Box Toss) just to give you an idea. Best sound ever with 360 degree speakers and a sub woofer. Standard PB360S ($199), Deluxe PB360D ($249) with Free Battery & Free Shipping (use coupon code HOLIDAYS).

Dremel Saw-Max 3” Cutting Tool SM20-02
($129, Ohio Power Tool)
We recently reviewed the Saw-Max and were very much surprised at how well it performed in many tasks. It was also safer to handle than we had though and very easy to use. This will be a very popular Christmas gift this year.

The No Brainer Deals

FREE SHIPPING – All the Bosch and Milwaukee purchases over $99 get Free Shipping to within the continental US as long as they are less than 70 lbs. Use coupon code HOLIDAYS in step one of the checkout and easily save $10-20 overall.  

Bosch Small Drills and Combo Kits ($99-299, Ohio Power Tool)
Probably two of our favorite tools and ones we highly recommend are the 12V Max PS21-2A & PS31-2A ($99 each) great to use for anyone from pros to grandma Betty. In the 18V there are two terrific combo kit deals which feature the brand new Bosch drills and HC batteries. The 2 tool kits are Compact Tough CLPK232-181 ($199) and Brute Tough CLPK221-181 ($299), which is probably the best dollar to power deal out there today.

Milwaukee 18V Combos & Free Battery ($199-399, Ohio Power Tool)
On the Milwaukee side there are two combos that match up pretty close to the Bosch and include the latest Red Lithium Batteries: Compact Kit 2691-22 ($199) and Hammer Drill Kit 2697-22 ($299). For a full 4 tool kit there is an even better on the 2696-24 ($399) with M18 Free Battery while supplies last.

Backup Power Generators
($429 & up, Ohio Power Tool)
Maybe not the most fun gift to open on Christmas morning but a Power Generator is essential to have if you are concerned about power outages in severe weather. The 2000w inverter 5793 ($579) is perfect for camping or tailgates while the larger 5500w 5939 ($679) or 6500w Electric Start
($889) will run most of the essentials in your house for very little investment.

Just A Little Behind the Times (Hot Items from 2010)

Rockwell BladeRunner RK7321
($149, Amazon)
Not too far behind, just last year the BladeRunner was one of the hottest Christmas gifts of the year. We’ve been seeing the commercials running pretty strong again this year and the no doubt it’ll continue to be very popular. See our full review here for the Rockwell BladeRunner RK7321.

Rockwell JawHorse RK9000
($159, Amazon)
The JawHorse has been another very successful Rockwell product, perhaps it’s their late night infomercials but more likely it’s just a great products. We did a JawHorse Review here and included several of their accessories and still use this on a weekly basis. The JawHorse SheetMaster RK9002 ($219) is actually the latest version which is even larger and can handle full 4’x8’ sheets.

Oscillating Multi-Tools – Corded or Cordless

If you don’t have a multi-tool by now that means you may be the last kid on the block without one. The good news is you have a lot of options now. Dremel has just launching their latest versions MM20 ($99) & new Tool Free MM40 ($139). The Bosch MX25 Multi-Tool has been selling very well all year. Also the new Porter Cable Oscillating Tool has also been a more recent hit. Don’t forget to pick up plenty of Oscillating Tool Accessories while you are shopping.

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