NOT What we expected… Milwaukee’s PIPELINE SHOCKER arrives!

So we’ve been waiting for a Honest to God Milwaukee Track Saw for years, and yes, it’s FINALLY Here… but is it the track saw we’ve been waiting for? Let’s Go!

THIS is the Milwaukee, M18 FUEL 6 ½” Plunge Track Saw, and the biggest news? It’s not $1,500. We’ll get to that in a minute. First the stats. This saw’s focus, is on two things. Dust collection, and power. It’s built to rip solid hardwoods. We’re talking up to 2” of Oak or walnut. And it does it without bogging down. Just what you’re looking for when cutting down solid wood doors. It has a -1 to 48 degree bevel range, 2,500 to 5,600 rpm, and can cut up to 2 ¼” deep at 90 degrees. 

But this saw is likely going to be found in finished homes as well, which is why the dust collection is so important. Milwaukee claims over 90% Dust Collection, which is not only good for those finished homes, but you know.. Your lungs dude. 

But of course the most important feature is making super clean and accurate cuts thanks to it’s modular track, which comes in 31”, 55” and 106” sizes. Each one comes with the expected anti splinter strip, and they offer a guide rail bag that will handle up to the 55” rail size. 

But just as Milwaukee was putting it’s final touches on it’s track saw, it decided it would need an entirely new line of blades if it was going to get the job done. They also announced a series of 5 blades including General purpose, finish and fine finish versions, and even a 4 tooth fiber cement and 52 tooth laminate blades. 

And that’s about it. It of course has perfectly fine track adjustments, depth and bevel guides, all the things you’d expect from a basic track saw. It’s even track compatible with Makita and Festool. Honestly, predictable stuff. The unpredictable part was the price. There were previous leaks and rumors that were placing it around $8-900 bucks. But no, the new Milwaukee M18 FUEL 6 ½” Plunge Track Saw is only $399 bare, and maybe more importantly it will be available in a kit with a single XC 6ah battery, charger, all in a special PACKOUT XL box with a custom foam insert.

This is the first time we’ve seen a Milwaukee power tool come in a PACKOUT here in the states, and we REALLY hope it’s not the last. 

The new Milwaukee M18 FUEL 6 ½” Plunge Track Saw will finally arrive this October. We’re almost there boys!

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