NO ONE saw this coming. Milwaukee just got beat by its own little brother. Power Tool News!

The tool world is officially on its head. Human sacrifice, Dogs and Cats living together. Mass Hysteria. Why? Ryobi… I’ll say that again… Ryobi, just beat Milwaukee to the Track Saw game. Let’s GO!

Ryobi just announced 3 new cutting tools, and yes. One of them in a freak’n track saw. But before we get to that, let’s quickly cover the other 2. 

This is the all new 18V ONE+ HP 8 ¼” table saw, which quite frankly, a lot of people have been waiting for this too. They claim 4500 RPM, up to 240 linear feet of cutting per charge on 2 4ah batteries, steel frame, lower fence, adjustable self-aligning material fence, $339 bare or $399 as a kit this spring… looks awesome, wanna try it, but it’s not the track saw so let’s move on.

The other tool that’s not a track saw, is the Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP 10” Sliding Compound Miter Saw. 12” crosscut capacity, 4,100 RPM, up to 47-degree miters, 45-degree bevels, 550 cuts per charge. $349 bare, $399 in a kit, this spring, awesome, still not a track saw.

But you know what IS a track saw? THIS THING. And it doesn’t look like something they rushed out just so they can say they have one. This is the Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless 6 ½” Track Saw. 4,300 RPM, and a 1 15/16” cut depth, WITH the track. It also appears to have all the technical goodies we’ve grown to expect from a world class track saw. It features a -1 to positive 48-degree bevel, a multi size dust port, depth scale for precise score and plunge cuts, Track adjust, and anti-tip adjustments ensure smooth and accurate cuts. Speaking of it comes with 2 27.5” tracks that combine to make the 55” we’ve grown to expect. The only thing missing on this thing is a Milwaukee logo. 

Let’s be honest, all three of these new tools are absolutely dripping with jobsite stats. All three are part of their HP line, which means they’ve all got brushless motors, new electronics and they take advantage of their HP battery packs. 

This is a bit shocking, but it’s not bad news. Affordable tools that can do commercial work are always welcome. I’m just trying to figure out exactly how far Ryobi’s going. A track saw, was just not something I expected. That jobsite saw is going to be significant too. The stats don’t quite live up to their corded 15amp, 10”  jobsite saw, but considering it’s running off of the Ryobi batteries we already have, that’s still a pretty big deal. Guys, what do you think? Is Ryobi marching into a professional battle they can actually win? Let us know below.

And don’t forget to join Rob and I this, and every Friday for the Power Tool Week In Review. We’ll see you then.

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