No Need for GAS Generators! Milwaukee launches the all NEW M18 Carry On Inverter!

In an attempt to replace your dirty, high-maintenance gas generator, We’ve already covered the massive Milwaukee MX Carry On, the DeWALT power station, the EGO Power+ Nexus, and even the Klein KTB1000. And while the Milwaukee was… fine. It was also expensive, and of course was stuck on the less-than-popular Milwaukee MX battery platform. And the biggest question we got, was why on earth Milwaukee didn’t build an inverter for their M18 Platform instead. Well guess what gang. They did it. Let’s go.

Yes sir, this is the Milwaukee M18 Carry-On 3600/1,800W continuous Power Suppy. Essentially turning 4 of your M18 Batteries into an 1800W power supply, complete with genuine PURE Sine Wave, and delivering that power through 120V 15A Duplex AC outlets, a single USB A port running at 2.1A, and a single USB-C PD port that charges at 3A. 

Of course it’s also a charger. And it’ll simultaneously charge all 4 batteries at 3A rate. And just like the MX version, you can’t use the Inverter, when it’s charging it’s batteries. I asked a product manager about this, and they pointed out that both charging and discharging produces a lot of heat, so to build in that feature, they’d have to add more expensive electronics, and essentially double the heat management, making it weigh 70+ pounds. No thanks. 

Speaking of, it only weighs 28lbs, topping out at 41.4lbs with 4 12ah batteries, making the entire thing around 8lbs lighter than the MX version, with the same amount of available power. 

Last of all, there’s a clever locking system that allows you to secure the batteries with a padlock. Wouldn’t have thought of that, but boy is that a no-brainer!

But what about price? Well, the M18 Carry-On will cost only $699. Once you factor in the price of 4 12Ah batteries, which would give you the same capacity of the MX Carry On, you’ll still pay $100 LESS than the MX’s currently heavily discounted price of $1,700. 

We’ve gone into plenty of detail in the past about what you can do with a 1,800W inverter. Now that you can get one that runs on 4 M18s, what do you see yourself powering with it? Let me know in the comments below.

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