NEWS! HUGE Power Tool Party with your favorite Creators, plus FLEX, Milwaukee, DeWALT, and more!

THIS week, we are spending all of our time getting ready for our 100k Live event this Sunday, so I’m going to blitz through the power tool news. Hold onto your butts. This is your Power Tool Week In Review!

Welcome back power tool fans, I’m Rob, and I’m in a huge hurry. As I mentioned, our 100k LIVE show is this Sunday at 3pm EST, and as of right now we have Tool prizes, some of which are huge kits, from HART, DeWALT, Ryobi, SKIL, EGO, FLEX, Milwaukee, Bosch, Diablo and Makita! We’ve got a 100 Pound Sterling Gift Card, that’s like 137 freedom beans, from the good folks at Hayes Machinery, for one lucky UK viewer, and $2000 in Gift Cards for Ohio Power Tool, and we’re going to give it all away. We’re gonna play some high-stakes trivia with Man Caver Tools, Philly Fixed, Lock Down Scott Brown, Den of Tools, Tool Review Zone, Mark Thomas Builder, The Kite Army, Doresoom and even the disembodied hands of both Torque Test channel and Tools and Stuff. It’s gonna be big guys. So with that said, I’m going to burn through the news so I can get back to learning how to live stream. Let’s go.

First up, RED wandered out of his Den of tools with some truly sad news this week. After foraging around the web, he confirmed that Porter-Cable has canceled their entire line of routers. I haven’t told my Dad yet, because as a woodworker with 8 PC routers himself, I’m not sure he can take it.

The torque dyno jocks grabbed the Ingersoll Rand W7152 to see if it’s the hardest-hitting ½” impact ever.

Dave over at Man Caver tools showed off his custom Milwaukee PACKOUT emergency kit, which he figures we all should have.

Robillard over at Tool Box Buzz got a new version of a Werner extension ladder called the Glidesafe, which includes a spring-loaded support system making it easier to safely raise and lower the thing, something my 28 ft Werner does NOT have, which is why it’s so scary. I don’t like ladders, but I love heights, so I’m gonna have to check out the Glidesafe.

Nate at Doresoom is playing with Knipex pliers that have a really freak’n cool trick that makes them strong enough to flatten a washer… well I mean… flatter than it already is.

Bill at the Sparky Channel took his own turn with the new DeWALT 12V Max DCS512 we’ve seen reviewed elsewhere.

Lauren over at Ohio Power Tool took a closer look at the two recently announced fish tapes from Milwaukee, which end up being just as cool as their old tapes.

Vince found a small family owned company that makes a mod for his rolling packout that makes the handle removable, so now he can fit it under his Tonneau Cover. Although it doesn’t end up working very well, but fortunately the manufacturer jumps into the comments with some slight mods you can make to their mod, to make it all work. That sentence actually makes sense, just go watch it.

And finally Mr. Mark Thomas grabbed my attention with 4 pressure washer attachments, mainly because HART just sent us a new pressure washer, and I didn’t realize that “attachments” was something besides the 4 that come with it. As it turns out, you can do all kinds of cools stuff with a pressure washer that I had no idea existed, like the ability to clear out a drain pipe, which I’m definitely doing. He even used one to bore a tunnel under his sidewalk and install a PVC sleeve for running cable. With a pressure washer. Go watch that too.


Now I have to get back to work on our live show. Again, it’s this Sunday, September 12th, at 3pm est. We’re going to have Shane from Construction Junkie directing, James from Hayes Machinery in the UK doing some moderating, a ton of fun guest are going to play some trivia with us that results in YOU winning gift cards and tools. We’re going to be launching our new Production Crew program that will give you a chance to influence what videos make it on our show each week, and even get your name in our credits. We’re going to celebrate the power tool community, and really hope you join us.

Last week we turned Milwaukee’s 87 new skus into tools, because I’m a jerk, which you can watch right here. I want to thank EGO, and Ohio Power Tool for sponsoring this episode. Guys, we couldn’t do it without you. IF you liked this episode, give it a thumbs up and if you loved it, we hope that you subscribe. Have a safe weekend, and I’ll see you this Sunday!

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