New Video for Bosch Diamond Hole Saws


Last month Bosch introduced their new line of Diamond Grit Hole saws (see original post).  The new hole saws are basically broken into two different groups the Mini & Auto-Start hole saws. The mini hole saws go from 3/16” to 5/8” and do not us a pilot, instead you need to start the bit at a 45 degree angle and work it into a vertical position. For the ¾” to 4-1/8” diamond hole saws the Auto-Start bit is used to give an exact measure on where the hole needs to line up and start the cut. Once started the Auto-Start bit is removed and the Diamond Hole Saw can continue cutting through the material. Adding water to cool the bit will extend the life of the bit significantly. Ohio Power Tool stocks the complete line of Bosch Hole Saws including the new Diamond Grit Hole Saws. Checkout the video below for a basic demonstration on how these different hole saws work. (The work surface in the video is the Rotozip Tile Dock, ideal for this application.)


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