NEW TOOLS! Milwaukee takes on DeWALT, Klein gets a new Planer Laser Level, we try new battery tech!

THIS week, DeWALT redefines the tool battery, they also take on Milwaukee, twice, and Devin tells us who the PACKOUT rolling toolbox is for. (Spoiler, No One!) Those stories and more on the Power Tool Week In Review!

Belts And Boxes | DeWALT Trip

We have a ton to share with you this week, and it all starts with a trip Rob and I took last week, to Baltimore. We were there for a secret event held by DeWALT, where they would reveal, something! And after revealing that something, we couldn’t tell you about it until the 25th, but just as we were getting on the bus to ride to the event, they told us there was no embargo, and we were free to stream live, so we did. If you haven’t watched those live videos yet, or our event video !SPOILER ALERT! DeWALT revealed an all new type of 20v battery, that utilizes Lithium Ion Pouches, instead of the traditional cylindrical cells we’re used to. The results? Smaller, lighter batteries, that can deliver up to 50% more power on demand. To show them off they ran a few… let’s call them “BRAND TESTS”, and the DeWALT won! For now they’ve only revealed a single 1.7AH battery, but they assure us more are to come. Is this the future of DeWALT? We shall see.

Philly Fixed | DCF850 vs M18Fuel

Speaking of huge disappointments, Jim over at Philly Fixed shared another fantastic head 2 head, this time putting the all new DeWALT DCF850 up against it’s M18 FUEL Rival. The disappointing part wasn’t the test, it was his shirt. I… I just don’t have words. You think you know a guy, and then that guy goes and has a really hurtful shirt made, that feels really targeted, and then that guy isn’t your friend anymore, and you deal with the pain by sticking extra Milwaukee ONE-KEY tracking stickers all all your Makita tools to dull the pain. In more predictable news, Turns out Jim doesn’t want to do this YouTube things anymore, probably d-handle poisoning, so there’s no reason to go to his channel anymore. Unless you want to unsubscribe to clear up your queue, then feel free to do that. Blessed be the barrel grip… Jim. 

Torque Test Channel | DeWALT vs Milwaukee

Let’s lighten the mood, and wrap up our DeWALT coverage, with the eternally upbeat crew over at The Torque Test Channel! Which by the way, earlier this week TTC shared a few more clues about their identity. We already knew there were three, and they go by the names Torque, The narrator, Test, the dude who does the testing, and Channel, who as it turns out, is Torque’s Wife. But that’s all we know, so I’m left to make up the rest of their story, and I’ll be honest, I don’t think Channel is happy with how often Test leaves out his tools, but doesn’t know how to confront him, so She makes Torque do it! And just as he… nevermind. This week they take their first look at the DeWALT Mid-Torque DCF894, a 4 year old sample from the Jurassic period, which doesn’t actually claim very big numbers on the box, and force it to race against the Milwaukee Gen 2 Mid-Torque 2962, and a Craftsman because why not? And no spoilers… but no 4 year old should be that good. I’m just say’n. 

VCG | Milwaukee Vac

Moving on to Milwaukee, Vince set out this week to answer the age old question, which vac is better, the Little Milwaukee M18, or the ever so slightly littler Milwaukee M18. Specifically, the M18 Cordless 2 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA Vaccum, or the M18 FUEL Packout Cordless 2.5 Gallon wet dry vacuum. At first glance, these two vacs are really similar, besides the obvious half-gallon difference, these both use the same filter, they’re both about the same size, and both claim to have the same 30 minute run time, but as Vince points out, they come with different sized batteries. After a ton of scientific research, The M18 FUEL Packout version reveals a small bump in power, and coupled with it’s natural compatibility with the Packout system, we can’t see why you wouldn’t pick that one. But Vince has some additional advice worth checking out before you make that decision.

The Durbin Compound | Milwaukee Rolling Chest

To wrap up our Milwaukee reviews, we get to head to The Durbin Compound, home to power tool reviews, automotive tips, Knives, footwear, and the world most comfortable hoodies. Seriously. But this week our buddy Devin Durban was one of the lucky few to get his hands on the all new Milwaukee Packout Rolling Chest. This is a new double wide format for the PACKOUT system, and as Devin learns, it can get really heavy, really fast. He filled it with several nailers he uses on the job, and found himself wondering if it would even make sense to stack additional boxes on top, and I can see why. And as we’ve pointed out before, if you put additional packs on top, you can’t open the thing without removing them first. Even after putting the thing to actual work, Devin decided it’s definitely not for everyone If you want to know if it’s right for you, you’ll have to head over to The Durbin Compound.

Sparky Channel – Klein Laser Level

Once again we found ourselves over at the Sparky channel, where we’ve just come to terms with the fact that we’ll watch anything that Bill posts. It’s impossible not to be both entertained and educated with every video, and this one is no different. That is the all new Klein 93PPL, Rechargeable Self-Leveling Green Planar Laser Level. It projects independently or together in X, Y, and Z planes, it has an Integrated magnetic mounting bracket for your tripod, IP54 water, and dust resistant, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will power it for 9 hours. It comes in a convenient hard case with your charging cable, the mounting bracket and instructions. Bill also details the features of Klein’s new tripod. He wraps up his video with a flight over hoover dam in a helicopter, mainly to make the rest of us feel bad for not having a helicopter. Just my guess. For the full review of Klein’s new laser level, head over to the sparky channel. 

Thank you EGO and Ohio Power Tool for this weeks sponsorship. We couldn’t do this without you. Go do something nice for someone today. We will see you next week.

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