New Tools Announced from DeWALT and Makita! THIS is your Power Tool Week In Review S4E29

THIS week, We’ve got new tools from DeWALT and Makita, Tools and Stuff rubs my nose in more tools I can’t have, and Jim puts a fake, up against the real deal. This is your Power Tool Week In Review! 

DeWALT New Tools

Starting with some new tools, specifically this little fella. This is the new DeWALT DCS512B XTREME 12V Max brushless cordless trackless Bluetooth less laserless, you get the idea, 5 3/8i” circular saw. This is the first circular saw in the popular and powerful Xtreme 12V series from DeWALT, making this a welcome addition for everyone on the platform. It will be available this August for $139 as a bare tool, which seems reasonable to me. I’ll be interested to see if it’s powerful enough to make most of us happy.

Makita New Tools

Makita also announced several new tools this week. Well, one tool, and a bunch of welcome accessories. First up is this guy, the new Makita CBU01Z 36V Brushless Blower for their Connector series, which powers its tools with this stylish and comfortable backpack. This means you’re only holding 5.7lbs in your hands which is super nice. The new blower boasts 622CFM at 157MPH, delivering up to 80% more blowing force than gas blowers who blow 80% less. Powerful stuff. It also has a cruise control lever with a variable speed trigger, and a 3-stage telescoping nozzle. The new blower is available now for $379.99

Makita also announced a bunch of new X-Lock accessories for their grinders, including diamond blades, flap discs, grinding and cutoff wheels, and wire cup brushes. These also arrive this month as well.

Man Caver Tools – Milwaukee vs Makita Recip

Moving on to tool reviews, Dave over at Man Caver Tools wanted to see how Makita’s 36V X2 Recip saw held up against the Milwaukee SUPER Sawzall, so he did what came natural, and cut through stuff… a lot. He was quick to admit that the Milwaukee has an orbital feature, which is pretty significant when you’re racing through wood. But like he says, “It is not Milwaukee’s fault if the Makita doesn’t have the feature”. Fair enough. Now I know that anyone familiar with these two saws is going to tell you the Milwaukee will win. But there’s more to this. If you look closely, you’ll see Dave uses Milwaukee Blades. And I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I’ve been told behind closed doors at Milwaukee, that they specifically design their blades to perform poorly in Makitas. I’m just say’n

Tools and Stuff – Makita Multi-tool

Tools and Stuff continued his petty feud with me, by shared another Makita tool this week that I can’t have. Screw you dude. Cool Tool. But screw you. This time it’s an all-new Makita LXT series Multi-tool with star lock MAX, continuing Makita’s participation in all things Bosch, which is good for everyone. Compatible with all Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max blades, but ONLY those blades. He doesn’t just put the new multi-tool to work, but compares it to a couple of its older brothers and comes away with some interesting thoughts. The most interesting of which is the suspicion that an XGT version isn’t far behind. 

Project Farm – Best Hose

Todd over at Project Farm is testing hoses this week. I know you’re gonna go watch it. I know you’ll enjoy it. And If you’re like me, you’ll begrudgingly buy a new hose. That guy is causing real friction in my marriage.

Sparky Channel – Milwaukee Reamer

Bill over at Sparky Channel got our first look at the new Milwaukee 7 in 1 Conduit Reamer with ECX bits. When we first announced the tool, I was surprised by how many of you left positive comments about the reamer, but after watching Bill get excited, I finally get it.

Shop Tool Reviews – FLEX Recip

Tim over at Shop Tool Reviews was posting a new tool review every 20 minutes this week, including a full test of the new FLEX Reciprocating Saw, including a full 50 cut test through 4×4, all on a single battery. Do you guys ever watch a tool review and think to yourself, thank goodness now I don’t have to do that test? Me too. Tim also reviewed a Ridgid 18Ga Brad Nailer, a Ryobi lawnmower, and tore apart a Makita XGT Impact Driver. I have NO clue how he finds the time, but we appreciate it!

Philly Fixed – Fake Makita

And finally, Jim at Filly Fixed finally sold out this week. The traitor took a free tool, throwing all of his credibility out the window. But don’t get too worried, the free tool came from Banggood, which likely brought down the value of his home, so it’s a wash. The rip-off tool in question is a poor copy of a Makita, so Jim naturally tested it against the real deal. Don’t need to tell you who won. The review is still fun to watch, and worth the click if only for Jim’s latest creative intro, which alone is worth the price of admission. You know, I was going to use that story to segway into a tool talk about tool reviewers accepting free tools. But I’m not entirely sure you guys want to fight over that. If so, let me know in the comments and I might bring it up later.

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