New Style of Kett Metal Cutting Shears & Nibblers – KL Series

If you have a pair of electric metal cutting shears whether it is a Kett Tools brand or Yellow, Red, Blue, etc chances are Kett is still the manufacturer of the head and blade components. This Cincinnati based company has made a very good name as the go-to guys in the metal shear world.  

The New Kett KL Series of shears features many of their same well known shear heads but with a new horizontal body. The new configuration may be preferred by some for a great feeling of control as opposed to the pistol grip configuration of the KD Series. The series also features two KL Series Nibblers in 18 & long neck 20 gauges. In total there are 8 styles in the KL Series and all feature interchangeable heads.

With some new editions to the Kett Tool family however we must also say good bye to some older models including the most popular Kett Shear KD-200 (see video below). Not to fear however if you are a fan of the pistol grip the good news is this model is being replaced with the KD-400 ($199, Ohio Power Tool). The new shear uses the same 60-20 head but now features a variable speed motor which should be a welcome improvement.

For any questions on Kett Tools, heads, Replacement blades, etc call the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 and they will get you fixed up.


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