New SENCO Cordless Framing Nailer!

10 years ago, SENCO created the world’s first cordless finish nailer that relied on compressed air rather than expensive fuel cells. Today, they announced the biggest Fusion Tech nailer they’ve made yet. 

The batteries and charges featured in the video are incorrect. The correct battery is far smaller, and more ergonomic. Below are the correct battery and charger.

This is the F-35XP Cordless Framing Nailer. The first Framing nailer to utilize SENCOs Fusion Technology, which uses a brushless motor and a self-contained compressed air cylinder to drive paper-tape collated framing nails into the hardest Jobsite substrates, including engineered lumber. 

It features a heavy-duty aluminum 34-degree magazine that holds 60 fasteners, accommodating nails from 2 to 3 ½” long and .113 to .148 inches in diameter. And of course, all of this power is driven by SENCOs 3.0 AH Lithium-Ion Batteries that can sink 600 nails per charge. 

Other features include smart indicator lights so you immediately know if a jam occurs or the battery gets low. Tool-Free depth adjustment, selectable actuation switch so you can easily jump between sequential and bump fire modes, and easy access to the air cylinder simplifies maintenance, repair, and refilling. 

The new SENCO F-35XP is available NOW with an MSRP of $549 with two 3ah batteries, a charger and a storage bag.

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