NEW Power Tools! The Latest from Milwaukee, RYOBI, Makita, and FLEX!

THIS week… we have Milwaukee Tossing, drill testing, Flex tooling, tumbler splashing and a whole lot more. This is your power tool week in review! 

Man Caver Tools | FLEX Combo Kit

This week we start over at Man Caver Tools where Dave got his hands on the FLEX 24V 4 Tool Combo kit.

Dave actually acquired the kit a while ago, but just got around to testing it all out. And this week, he shares his initial thoughts on each one. He goes through the specs on each one, highlights what he likes, and doesn’t. He even compares some of the FLEX tools to his favorites from other brands like Milwaukee and HILTI. Overall he likes the tools, but honestly I am way too distracted with this other video he launched this week….

Yup, that’s the all new Milwaukee PACKOUT tumbler, and Dave is NOT happy with it. There are several issue, but the most entertaining is the way it launches liquid several feet in the air when you open and close it… quickly… a lot. Dave, there are far cheaper fidget spinners. Maybe that one just isn’t for you, Although, you do have a pretty cool shirt on.  

Torque Test Channel | Matco vs Milwaukee and DeWALT

The team at TTC likes to remind us the great big torque can come in small packages, and this week they proved that by introducing the Matco ⅜” Stubby Impact, and putting it in the ring with both Milwaukee and DeWALT.

First things first, the Matco is weird. It’s a 16v tool, not 18, and has an odd battery design I just can’t stop staring at. But it is compact, and Matco says it has the beans to get the job done. They test it against both versions of Milwaukee’s M12 stubbies, and of course DeWALTs 903 and 901 EXTREME 12v impact wrenches. Even before you see the numbers, the $300 price tag on the Matco is going to make it really hard to take seriously. But as TTC points out, the gun does turn out to be incredibly powerful, and maybe more importantly, meet the expectations put on the box. It also shows up with a remarkably low wrist breaking score, so it’s definitely work a look.

Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek | Milwaukee M18 Mower 

By now you’ve already seen the fabled Milwaukee M18 Lawn Mower get put to the test by several channels, but let’s be honest. We’ve all been holding off, until we get the official word, from this guy. 

This guy, of course, is Stan The Dirt Monkey Genadek. And this week he finally took the new hotness into the back yard to see what all the fuss was about. After assembling his new toy, and reviewing the features, he decides it’s maiden voyage should be here. And after force feeding this thing an enormous amount of salad, he does eventually booger it up, but because it’s battery powered… “Uh oh, looks like we’re boogered up. Battery powered mower. You can do that.” Milwaukee has said from the beginning, that this mower is more powerful than anything before it, and Stan does a great job of putting that claim to the test. Be sure to watch the full thing at Stanley The dirt monkey Genadek. 

Milwaukee Blades / RYOBI SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

There were a couple of new tool announcements this week, First, Ryobi revealed their new Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP compact Brushless ⅝” SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer.

The power looks good, the price is right, but as our commenters immediately pointed out, it lacks a chipping or “Hammer Only” Mode, which is a bummer. Milwaukee also announced a new line of general demolition Sawzall blades called The Wrecker. Why it wasn’t called the Home Wrecker, we’ll never know.

Production Crew Update

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago during one of our live Production Crew meetings, we discovered that one of our members, Christian Ness, was graduating from High School, and wanted to meet us on his way through Columbus. As soon as the group heard that, they started donating money so Christian could buy a gift for himself at Ohio Power tool.

Rob suddenly agreed to match any donation, which immediately jumped to over $500. Well we met Christian this Monday, along with several other members who stopped in to say hello, and he left with a bunch of new tools. Our Production Crew is amazing, and we appreciate each and every member, not only for supporting us, but each other too. If you’d like to learn more about our little club, simply click “Join” below this video, after you’ve subscribed.

Every month we give away one of our four shelves full of pro power tools, live here on Youtube. And once again, we have an empty one. We’re working on getting that filled with some new tools, and of course, we’ll fill it with a full set of Spyder accessories, because there’s no point in using pro tools, without pro accessories. 

Tools & Stuff | 40V Mega Chainsaw

Hey look at that. It’s a 40V MEGA CHAINSAW! By this point we all know that all Tools & Stuff Reviews are thorough. Right? Right.

This one is no different. He runs through the features, details, bells and whistles, compares it to its younger and less impressive teal siblings, and then beats the crap out of it. He also encourages you to go to the comments to complain about how sharp the chains are, so you should totally do that. He did a stump ton of testing with all three saws, and in the end, reveals if the XGT is worth the extra kiwicash, or even jumping up from LXT. You can get his answer at Tools & Stuff.

Tinker with Tools | Makita Vs Milwaukee

Recently Sarah and I have been watching a tool review channel that’s new to us, called Tinker with Tools. And this week, he staged a showdown between his two best top tier hammer drills.

THAT is the Milwaukee 2804, M18 FUEL Hammer Drill and the Makita XPH14 18V LXT Hammer Drill. To test them he drove several lengths of lag bolts into a stack of OSB, and then locked in a few Spyder spade and boring bits, and proceeded to put dozens of holes into $32,000 worth of 4x4s. Actually I don’t think that joke works anymore, because lumber is pretty cheap. Anyways, he said the Milwaukee felt more powerful, but the makita was more comfortable to use. And in the end, he figures that both drills would make a worthy addition to a pro inventory, but one was simply better than the other. To find out which, head over to Tinker with Tools, and if you like his content, give the guy a sub to encourage more great tool reviews. 

We want to thank EGO and OPT for sponsoring this episode, guys we couldn’t do it without you. Speaking of OPT, I wanted to ask you guys, would you enjoy a segment each week with Nick from OPT? I figure we could have him come out ever week with a special deal just for you guy? Maybe? Let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d like. Last of all, if you can, do something kind for someone else this weekend, and we’ll see you next week.

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