New Milwaukee M12 3/8″ Crown Stapler 2447-21

Milwaukee’s new M12 3/8” Crown Stapler 2447-21 ($149) is almost guaranteed to satisfy remodelers, DIY’ers, residential HVAC and drywall contractors. The Crown Stapler delivers faster stapling. Up to 1500 staples per 1.5ah battery charge and requires 80% less force required than comparable hand tools! It eliminates repetitive motion and excessive force required of most hand tools. It’s 7.5” frame makes it easy to fit in everyday tool belts and ideal for use in confined spaces. This model is compatible with all Milwaukee 12 batteries and backed by Milwaukee’s 5 year limited power tool warranty.

Also available as a bare tool model 2447-20 ($99) for cordless M12 users that already have plenty of batteries & chargers.

The Milwaukee Crown Stapler has a proprietary designed motor that is extremely powerful, powerful enough to drive 3/8” crown staples through many types of substrates. While must staplers jam easily, this jam-proof system is strong enough crush the staple and avoid it getting crushed.

Product Highlights

  • Most Ergonomic 3/8″ (T50 Style) Crown Stapler
    • Up to 80% less muscle effort than hand tools
    • 33 less pounds of force to engage tool
    • Reduced forearm strain
    • Eliminates repetitive motion and excessive force required of hand tools
    • Decreases risk of repetitive motion injuries
  • Most Productive 3/8  (T50 Style) Crown Stapler
    • Contact actuation provides faster stapling
    • Fires up to 1500 staples per 1.5ah battery charge
  • Tool Belt Portable Design
    • Compact design for best fit in or on a tool belt
    • Easy access to confined spaces with optimized line of site
  • 3/8″ Crown  (T50 Style) Staples Are Used Across Milwaukee Core Trades
    • Primary tool for remodelers, residential HVAC drywall contractors
    • Supplementary tool for residential electrician, residential plumber

For any questions on other Milwaukee M12 or Milwaukee M18 cordless tools give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help!

2447-21 M12 Staple Gun

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