NEW Limited Edition Power Tools! Do you buy Limited Edition Tools? Rob sleeps with his.

It’s rare that a tool manufacturer makes special editions of their tools, which I think is a big mistake. Personally, I sleep with my Stabilia 120 year Black Edition Level. But there’s something about German companies that seem to really embrace this trend and today we’ve got something else for tool fans to collect. Lets go!

Metabo USA is celebrating 50 Years, after being founded in Long Island City New York, in 1971. And to commemorate the event, they will be offering special promotions, weekly contests and open house specials at their dealers. You’ll be able to instantly win Metabo prizes just by purchasing any 50th anniversary labeled abrasives, which is great, but I want the limited edition tools, and Metabo doesn’t disappoint. They created a limited edition 50th Anniversary 4 ½” to 5” pro series angle grinder and kit, featuring an all black body, unique labeling, all at a promotional price of $99.99 for the grinder, or $135.99 for the kit. But that’s not all.; 

Additional kits will be available starting in October, including an Impact Driver and Hammer Drill kit with a limited edition bottle opener and bag, an Impact and recip kit with a limited edition bag, and an impact and 6” angle grinder kit with the limited edition bag as well. 

So if you’re in the market for a new angle grinder from one of the best in the business, now’s a good time to get something special that you likely won’t want to use. I want more limited edition tools! We need to start demanding them from our favorite brands. I just worry I’d go broke. Let me know if you care about limited edition tools in the comments, and if so, let me know which brands and tools you’d like to see in limited edition garb. 

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