New Ingersoll Rand MAX Air Hammers 118MAX & 122MAX

Ingersoll Rand is adding several new tools to their MAX family of premium tools later this year.  Two of these new tools are the Ingersoll Rand 118MAX and 122MAX air hammers which look to be very exciting new additions to the IR Air Hammer lineup.

MAX Comfort: Anti-vibration feature reduces tool vibration by over 30% when compared to standard air hammers in its class. Anti-vibration is a becoming a very hot topic among workers and employers as new regulations look to be coming down the pipe that will limit exposure to vibration. In Europe these regulations are already in place and tools with high vibration m/s2 are simply being replaced as there is no longer a place for them on the jobsite.  

MAX Power: 15% increase in impact force over standard air hammer which in turn means time savings. We would expect nothing less from an IR tool branding the MAX name.

MAX Productivity: Quick-change retainer allows for faster chisel changeovers, so you can get the job done. In many cases people purchase the less expensive air hammers then add an aftermarket hammer retainer ($45 Ohio Power Tool), with these new guns the retainer is built specifically to work with the tool for the longest life possible.

118MAX: Shank .401”, BPM 2500, Stroke 3.5”, weight 4.6 lbs, length 10.5”, Air Consumption 2.98 cfm, Vibration 5.7 m/s2

122MAX: Shank .401”, BPM 3500, Stroke 2.63”, weight 4.0 lbs, length 8.6”, Air Consumption 2.93 cfm, Vibration 7.5 m/s2

Kits are also available for these tools that will include a 5 piece chisel set and carrying case. These units are expected to hit shelves September 1st and should sell for right around $150 or less range. More info and pre-orders will be available shortly on the Air Hammers page at

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