Honda EU2200i Generator – More Power, Still Whisper Quiet

Let’s face it, Honda is one of the most dominate engine manufacturers. A prime example of this is their generator line and the EU inverter series is no exception. They’ve recently update the EU2000 model to the new EU2200i Generator and the upgrades are impressive. 

The EU2200i provides a 10% increase in watt output. That is 200 extra watts than it’s previous model EU2000i. Also, the weight, size and cost remain the same!

“The 200-watt power increase offered by the new Honda EU2200i generator gives users the opportunity to step up to more uses and bigger applications over the EU2000i model, without an increase in generator weight, size or cost. For example, an extra 200 watts could mean the addition of a slow cooker, or a box fan or a computer, to what’s already being powered—all adding up to greater value.”
– David Bush, senior marketing strategist, Honda Generators.

People purchase 2000-watt generators for three reasons: work, home, and play. They provide a sense of security. As David puts it, an extra 200-watts can go a long way and keeping this unit small and lightweight means it can really go anywhere! The parallel connection means you can easily connect 2 of the EU2200i  generators together for double the power output with 4400 watt peak power but still have the portability to easily load and unload single-handedly.

The Honda Inverter designs focus on keeping generators as silent as possible. They also rely on ease of use, simplified maintenance and durable, dependable operation. You know, the really important stuff we want when we buy a generator.

Key functional enhancements on the all-new Honda EU2200i generator include:

  • A bigger oil filler opening, a longer spout and larger oil drain gutter make for easier and cleaner oil changes
  • A fuel shutoff valve (“Fuel Off” position) allows the engine to continue to run until the majority of the fuel in the carburetor is consumed and the engine shuts off, which helps prevent stale fuel issues and is useful for storing the generator
  • A stamped metal recoil rope insert provides increased product durability and reduces potential damage to the generator body
  • An increase in the ventilation area of 2.31 square inches compared with the outgoing model reduces cabinet air intake resistance, resulting in improved inverter cooling. The addition of new ducts allows for the air to move more evenly over internal parts while improving the overall air flow for better cooling of key components
  • The stator/rotor configuration of the EU2200i is improved, using some of the highest quality and most powerful magnets available in the market. These magnets, responsible for producing electricity, are thinner, keeping the diameter of the stator unchanged, reducing the weight of the component and providing more power output
  • Operational contact points are color-coded in gray, and guide the user through the starting operation
  • The new design and styling of the EU2200more prominently display the Honda brand logo on the side of the unit and output power on the front of the unit
  • Parallel connection allows for pairing of the all-new Honda EU2200i with another EU2200i or a Honda EU2000i K1/T1 model for added convenience and more power

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