FallTech DuraTech SRD

New FallTech DuraTech 6’ Web Self Retracting SRD with 100% Tie Off

FallTech DuraTech SRD

When it comes to fall protection we have seen more companies to not only meeting OSHA requirement but really surpassing them to ensure highest level of safety where an employee is at risk of falling off a bridge deck or high platform of any kind. The shock absorbing lanyards which may meet many requirements and have been common place for years are getting replaced in more and more situations by short Self-Retract Devices (SRD) like these new FallTech DuraTech SRD models which can also be worn on the back.

One big difference with the SRD is it will begin the breaking process as soon as it feels enough force, similar to a car seat belt. With a shock absorbing lanyard 2’ below the D-Ring a person can fall almost 7’ before a shock absorbing lanyard even begins to start working and 10’+ before it stops which can be a significant amount of force. A SRD can dramatically shorten that distance and by moving the anchor line above the head can cut that distance down to a measure of inches.

Certainly we cannot make any recommendations about your needs for Fall Protection in a blog post, it is a very serious topic worth further investigation. If you would like additional support certainly the folks at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 can help answer many questions or put you in touch directly with the right people at the manufacturer to come up with the full system solution. Check out more info below, direct from FallTech on the new DuraTech Web SRD units.

COMPTON, CA – FallTech, a leading manufacturer of fall protection products built for all industries where workers are exposed to falls from elevation, today announced the release of the DuraTech 6′ Web Self-Retracting Device (SRD).

Compact and durable, the DuraTech 6′ web SRD has the stopping power of a full-sized unit without the weight of a shock-pack. In fact, the DuraTech 6′ Web SRD is one of the smallest SRD’s on the market with internal inertial brake mechanism. Third-party tested and compliant with ANSI Z359.14, the DuraTech 6′ web SRD offers a deceleration distance of less than 28” and still keeps fall arrest forces below 900 lbs. The DuraTech 6′ enhances worker mobility, allows work in areas with lower fall clearances, and eliminates the trip hazards typically associated with traditional lanyards

The DuraTech 6′ Web SRD is available in both single and twin leg, with multiple connector choices to provide a height safety solution tailored for almost every job. The DuraTech 6′ Web SRD’s glass-reinforced polycarbonate housing, paired with premium abrasion-resistant webbing, and a cycle-tested resilient main spring that delivers uncompromising durability to outlast the competition.

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