New CP7749 vs IR 2135TiMAX – ½” Impact Wrenches

The Ingersoll Rand 2135TiMax ($269) has been the king of ½” impact guns for some time. With an operating weight of 3.95 lbs and max torque of 780 ft lbs the gun has the highest power to weight in its class. Chicago Pneumatic, looking to steal some of the business, is introducing a new ½” impact gun that will rival the Ingersoll Rand with the CP7749. The gun features some advances in design including a one hand forward and reverse control, easier to use by the trigger. The gun is also quieter at 95 dBA as well as a slightly lower investment for the CP7749 ($246). The Chicago Pneumatic gun does however weight a few ounces more at 4.37 lbs and only products 725 ft lbs torque. The CP marketing suggests this number is “true honest torque” which may be a shot at how others rate their torque.

No matter how you think this gun stacks up to the Ingersoll Rand the new Chicago Pneumatic is an awesome gun with some cool new features. “You’re going to sell a million of these!” – Rich Evans, builder, designer and owner of Huntington Beach Bodyworks, immediately following his first application test with the CP7749.The gun will be available soon and you can pre-order yours now. If you would like more info on the CP7749 checkout this Spec Flyer or contact the pros at Ohio Power Tool, 800-242-4424 or [email protected].


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