New Bosch Edge Reciprocating Saw Blades for Heavy Metal

Recently Bosch introduced the new Edge Reciprocating Saw blades specifically for Metal applications. You may have already heard about the blades because of their interesting free custom guitar sweepstakes. The guitar was created incorporating the shape of new saw blades. In the launch kit sent to dealers and press they also included a 10” toy version of the guitar. A very weird promotion in my mind however it has gotten a lot of people talking so I guess it worked. Personally I’d prefer more free samples to give to people to use but that’s just me.

Putting the Heavy Metal Free Guitar promotion out of the way, how good do the new blades actually work. Is there a real compelling reason to try these new blades? Several features defiantly make it look like it could be worth testing. You can read the official press release below for more details but these blades have a nice substantial feel not at all flimsy and the few cuts I made they seemed very fast. Their third party testing suggests 65% faster and 2x longer lasting than the Lenox Gold.

You can purchase the new Bosch Edge Blades at Ohio Power Tool.

Bosch Edge for Metal Recip Blades Last Longer, Cut Faster & Cleaner Than Competition

Mount Prospect, Ill., January XX, 2009 – The toughest materials call for the toughest blades, but it’s not enough to just be tough. The blade must be built to last and cut faster and cleaner than the rest. That’s why Bosch introduced their latest Edge for Metal Demolition reciprocating saw blades.
The blades feature Bosch’s Micro-Edge TechnologyTM, a patented design and manufacturing process that results in longer blade life, faster cutting and increased durability with teeth that stay sharper over time.

The powder metal steel alloy minimizes heat build-up for longer life and Bosch’s patented 2 x 2 tooth geometry delivers faster and cleaner cuts by effectively removing debris. The first set of teeth cut more aggressively and the smaller reinforced teeth follow. This alternating tooth pitch increases cutting speeds by 20 percent.

The teeth are protected by Bosch’s own Micro-blastTM technology that cleanly defines the cutting surface as opposed to rough or uneven teeth that will tear-out much easier.

The blades are taller and thicker than competitive blades to reduce vibration when cutting and results in a straighter cut, ideal when accuracy is a must.

The blades come in 6-inch and 9-inch lengths with kerfs of .035” (14+18 TPI), .042” (8+10 TPI) and .062” (8+10 TPI). The 14+18 blades are ideally suited for medium gauge metals. The 8+10 for Heavy Metal is designed for thick gauges metals and the 8+10 for Metal Demolition is made for tearing stuff up.

To see the blade in action, visit


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