Milwaukee #whipyourpackout Giveaway from Ohio Power Tool

If you haven’t already noticed, Ohio Power Tool has launched a giveaway last week entitled with the hashtag #whipyourpackout. Since this giveaway posted, we’ve seen some awesome pictures of Milwaukee PACKOUTS and other ways people stay organized. Pictures and stories keep rolling in! I’ve compiled a few I’ve found on the Ohio Power Tool Facebook page and posted below. Enter to win special edition PACKOUTS Kits with M18 Tools inside 2796-22PO ($499 value)2897-22PO ($399 value) along with several other great PACKOUT prizes!  

The collections of Milwaukee are outstanding! So much red in one shop/garage. I really enjoy reading the stories and conversations about these tools and packouts. It’s refreshing to see such passion for your trade.

You don’t want to miss your chance to enter for this giveaway. The entry count keeps ticking upward. Visit and submit your entries. You can submit up to seven times, do them all! Submissions end at the end of this month (next Wednesday).

Keep on posting to #whipyourpackout and show us how you organize your shop!

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