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Milwaukee recently announced that they will be releasing several new dust extraction tools and accessories to support their growing dust collection line in preparation for the increasing OSHA regulations. These attachments will work in conjunction with Milwaukee’s existing line of rotary hammers and grinders to be compliant under the upcoming regulations for silica dust control. The New OSHA regulations, set to be effective September 23rd 2017, are a major step forward in keeping jobsites safe and preventing workplace related danger and illnesses due to airborne silica. This being said, it is very important for tool manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve with their concrete tools, accessories and overall technology, or get left in the dust.

We have already seen some pretty impressive innovations from Milwaukee in their HAMMERVAC line of extraction attachments, as well as their grinder shrouds. The HAMMERVAC line includes several different attachments including the universal fit vacuum-assisted 5261-DE ($72) that can be attached to many popular brands of SDS rotary hammers and hammer drills, not just Milwaukee ones.

Also the M12 Universal HAMMERVAC 2306-22 ($129 Bare Tool) that is designed to be self-contained powered by an M12 battery and has a universal handle system that fits all major SDS-Plus rotary hammers and hammer drills. This model features a 3-mode switch that allows the vac to be placed in auto-mode that starts and stops the vac as the tool is used, as well as regular ON/OFF.

While at the Milwaukee 2017 New Product Symposium this year we got a pretty good look at some of the new dust extraction solutions that Milwaukee has up their sleeve. The centerpiece of these new releases is the new 8 Gallon Dust Extractor 8960-20 ($599). The new extractor features a pulse cleaning system that automatically clears the filter every 15 seconds to save time on the job. This is a feature that we are starting to see more and more that keeps the user from having to open up the canister and check the filter frequently during high-demand applications.

Milwaukee Dust Extraction Vacuums

It also features a unique two-step filtration system, so not only is the dust passed through the main PTFE pulse filter but then it passes through a second HEPA filter to ensure near 0% exposure. The motor puts out 148 CFM and 92” of water lift, but operates at a quiet 69dB. For added control, it features an on-board tool activated plug that turns the vacuum on as soon as an attached corded tool is plugged in, and also has a float valve feature that automatically shuts off the vacuum when it is full. The 8960-20 is available for preorder now and is expected to ship late July.

Milwaukee also has some new attachments that they will soon be releasing along with the dust extractor. The new SDS-MAX Dust Extraction Attachment 5713-DE ($50) is designed for use with holes from ¼” to 2-3/4” in diameter at any depth. It provides a complete OSHA table 1 compliant solution when used along with the 8 Gallon Dust Extractor and comes with replaceable brush rings.

Another SDS-MAX attachment introduced to us by Milwaukee was the Chisel Boot 5318-DE designed for use in chipping applications. It has a max capacity of up to 1-1/8” wide bull-point or flat chisels. Like the 5317-DE it also makes a full Table 1 OSHA compliant solution when paired with the 8 gallon dust extraction vac. The Chisel boot can be expected to ship in August of 2017.

Milwaukee will also release two new shrouds for grinding and cutting applications. The new Surface Grinding Dust Shroud 49-40-6101 will be compatible with most small Milwaukee angle grinders and will work with 4”-5” diamond cup wheels. It is expected to be available in August of 2017.

Similarly, the Milwaukee Cutting Dust Shroud 49-90-6110 ($60) will work with the new 8 gallon dust extractor to provide a solution for concrete cutting applications as well. It will have a 4-1/2”-5” capacity and will be available in July of 2017.

Milwaukee will also be releasing all new Vacuum Drill Bits for SDS-Plus and SDS-MAX. Vacuum drill bits provide an optimal solution to drilling concrete and chemical anchor preparation by not only eliminating airborne silica, but also by eliminating the need to clear the hole during and after drilling. The bits feature a 4-cutter tip that has nearby dust extraction holes and a hollow shaft to allow an attached vacuum to clear the debris during the drilling process. The initial release in August will include 12 different size bits for SDS-Plus and SDS-MAX as well as the universal adapter attachment. The Vacuum Drill Bits are expected to ship in August 2017.

After the release of these new dust collection attachments, Milwaukee will be able to offer a completely compliant solution for all their rotary hammers and grinders. With the deadlines approaching for airborne silica dust regulations this fall, there will be increased pressures on manufacturers and employers to ensure they are working in the safest environments. Be sure to stay up to date on regulations and the latest technologies to keep you and your workers safe!

If you have any questions about Milwaukee dust collection tools and accessories, or how to avoid major fines and stay compliant, be sure to give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call!

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