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Tick Tool Tracking

Ever had a $30/hour employee spend 2 hours tracking down a tool? For any company managing multiple crews and a variety of equipment tracking those tools can be a challenge. Power Tools, Ladders, Generators, Pipe Benders, Gang Boxes, Mixers, Mag Drills, Table Saws, etc, etc. There are systems which can cost tens of thousands to setup with annual fees that would make your head spin. The Milwaukee TICK is a one-time cost as low as $19.98, no additional fees ever!!

Milwaukee ONE-KEY app launched a little over a year ago with a handful of Milwaukee M18 Tools that offer ability to control how the tool functions, report on performance and track the tool’s last known location. The Milwaukee TICK uses the ONE-KEY app but is strictly for tracking the item’s last known location.

If your project managers all have the app that means you can very quickly figure out where all your equipment is located saving a lot of time, phone calls and running around which all equal money. This is the main objective of the TICK and will paying for itself very quickly in this capacity. Certainly it can also help track and recover stolen merchandise as well, potentially leading to all the stolen goods if more stuff was taken. Or alerting you when a lost item is again pinged. Unfortunately the TICK still relies on someone with the ONE-KEY app being around so not going to be a GPS tracking tool.

Tool Tracking Bluetooth

That being said the TICK is definitely 1 step closer to those more advanced inventory management systems that can check-in/check-out tools as they cross the threshold of a tool crib or jobsite trailer. Or being able to Geo-Fence a jobsite and instantly alert you if a ONE-KEY Tool or TICK leaves the area. The possibilities are endless as the system continues to grow and develop with new features on each system update but again no monthly fees or additional costs once that TICK is on it.

IP67 Tick Tracker

The TICK is IP67 rated water & dust tight so can handle the outside elements and uses a CR2032 coin battery which will last over a year. The technology is iBeacon, Bluetooth Low Energy Device (BLE) which offers several advantages over RFID. You can check battery life in the ONE-KEY app so you know when to replace. If you spend time tracking down tools and have looked into other systems this price and value can’t be touched. If you’re interested in pre-ordering or getting more info when these come out contact the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424, these will be hitting shelves in February 2017. (***update they are here!!)

Milwaukee TICK™ Product Offering

• 1-Pack (48-21-2000) – $29
• 4-Pack (48-21-2004) – $99    ($24.75 each)
• 10-Pack (48-21-2010) – $219  
($21.90 each)
• 50-Pack (48-10-2050) – $999  
($19.98 each)

*ONE-KEY™ is the first digital platform for tools and equipment. By integrating industry-leading tool electronics with a custom-built cloud based program, ONE-KEY™ provides a new level of control and access to information that revolutionizes the way work gets done. The ability to customize, track, and manage through ONE-KEY™ fundamentally changes the way users interact with their tools.

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