Milwaukee Responds to a HUGE LEAK and Makita tries on DeWALT Yellow! Power Tool News S4E32

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THIS week, we’ve got a ton of news coming out of Milwaukee, and a bunch of tool reviews you won’t want to miss. This is your Power Tool Week In Review!

New Milwaukee Tools and a Major Leak

Let’s kick off the week with Milwaukee, who had a lot to say! First off, they officially announced a new 2” M18 FUEL Pex Expander with a crazy speed improvement. Then they announced these new job site safety helmets with chin straps so they don’t fall off right when you need them. But the big news came late last Friday night. We received an email from Milwaukee, unlike any we had seen before. It wasn’t a press release, it was an odd, casual note, just letting us know they’re going to launch a freak’n M18 Lawn Mower. No biggie.

As it turns out, some point of sale material was accidentally put up in an Ace Hardware, and it had a photo of the mythical mower on it. A fella by the name of Jake took a photo of it and shared it on IG and Reddit. So with the cat peeking out of the bag, Milwaukee decided to confirm a mower was coming, and just about nothing else.

So the only official information from Milwaukee is this, there’s a mower coming in 2022, called the Milwaukee M18 FUEL 21” Self Propelled Mower, there is only one mower coming. It’s powered by M18 batteries, 1 or 2 we don’t know, but considering they also revealed that this mower is NOT aimed at homeowners, but at landscapers, most of us agree there will have to be at least 2 batteries in there, even if one takes over after the other one dies. They also told us that official photos and more details are coming “soon”.

Man Caver Tools – Milwaukee vs FLEX

The Man in the Man Caver Tools Cave continued his series of Milwaukee Vs FLEX videos, this time using even bigger batteries. The contenders are their flagship impacts, and the results were pretty much what you’d expect. The Milwaukee won out in the end, but as Dave points out, these impacts are both insanely fast. At this point, we’re starting to split hair on tools that are so powerful, most users will never max them out. But while both impacts did well, the socket adapters from Makita did not. Some commenters suggested he try Husky adapters, as Tim from Shop tool Reviews found them to be the best. 

Torque Test Channel – A Makita in DeWALT Yellow

The mysterious dyno jocks over at TTC reached out to the land of the rising sun, to get their mitts on a Makita impact not yet available here. This time it was the Makita TD172D, in an extra special DeWALT yellow. Now Makita has a long history of producing exceptional impacts, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, the Torque Test Channel uses a proper testing platform and takes price into account when determining which tool is best. Weirdos. And because it’s insanely expensive to import one of these impacts, the final numbers were not super great. But as they point out, it’s still a solid tool, and if you’re already deep into the Makita battery platform, you won’t be disappointed picking one up. Poorer, but not disappointed.

This wasn’t the only testing they did at TTC this week, they also put a new Fisher to the test, and found it to be solid in their hands, quiet on the job, and pretty much better than anything else they’ve tested. You’ll really want to watch that one as well.

VCG – Milwaukee Hole Dozer

Vince over at VCG was talking about the newly announced Milwaukee Hole Dozer hole saws, but he’s not convinced you should buy the new kit. Sure they’re super aggressive, and thanks to the carbide teeth, they’re nothing but heavy duty.

The problem is, Vince thinks there’s a deal on an 8 piece bi-metal hole saw kit from Milwaukee, that makes them worth choosing over the new carbide tooth versions. Why? Because at only $39.88, it comes in a half PACKOUT organizer, which is worth $35 on its own! Yeah, that’s pretty compelling. Now unfortunately shortly after filming, the prices at Home Depot jumped dramatically, specifically on Milwaukee hole saws. But as one commenter pointed out, they placed an order, then called customer support at HD and asked them to match the price that Vince found during a live video, and they did! So there’s a chance you could still grab this deal. Now Vince is well known for crazy tool deals like this, and they don’t always last, so be sure to be subscribed to VCG so you don’t miss the deal that might be perfect for you.

OZ Tool Talk – Chainsaw Heaven

And finally today, the boys at Oz Tool Talk apparently sailed over to New Zealand, kidnapped Scott Brown, and had him make a video for them that’s unbelievably calming to watch. Ok, we’re not going to play all 13 minutes, but I can promise you that if we had, you wouldn’t complain. And the text does say that the video was shot and edited by Dwain, but this footage and music has Scott brown all over it. Which is a very good thing. So if you’re looking to relax, and watch an Aussie make cookies in the woods for a while, Dwain has you covered. You know Oz Tool Talk is pretty bearable when Mike and Dwain don’t talk…. Don’t worry boys, Sarah will be back to defend you in just two weeks.


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