Milwaukee puts BIG POWER in tiny tools. Plus your Power Tool News! S4E40

THIS week, we find out who makes the king of compact impact wrenches, DeWALT and Milwaukee are at it again, and Vince buys a $575 shop stool.  This is your Power Tool Week In Review!

Tool Review Zone | Milwaukee M12 Blower

Welcome back power tool fans, we have a bunch of power tool news and reviews to get to, starting with Clint over at Tool Review Zone, who found the perfect companion to the Milwaukee Baby Chainsaw. THE Milwaukee, M12, BABY SHOP BLOWER! And yeah, Clint aimed it at his face, but he also gives us a size comparison to a few others, rounds up the accessories, and blows water all over the floor. All in the name of tool review science. So sure it’s small, powerful, and red, but should you get one? I suggest you watch Clint’s video first.

Landberg Tile TV | DeWALT Nailer

For a second week in a row, we caught ourselves staying up late to watch Landberg Tile TV, a little bit for the tiles, and a lot bit for the tools. This week Mr. Landberg grabbed the DeWALT 20V Framing Nailer, because as he points out, before you can lay a bunch of beautiful tile, you might have to build a new wall or too to hold them up. Now this is the DCN692, which isn’t new. As a matter of fact we’ve seen excellent review from the likes of Workshop Addict, and several others. And the reviews weren’t bad. But since it’s been out, a few serious challengers have emerged, specifically from Metabo HPT and Milwaukee, both of which were reviewed back in May by Tools & Stuff. In that review, the DeWALT simply didn’t stack up, but Landberg doesn’t know that, and he loved the gun. It had all the power he needed, and it saved a ton of time. Maybe he’ll get to try the Metabo HPT and Milwaukee in the near future, but for now he’s found his next investment. For the full review head over to Landberg Tile TV.

Torque Test Channel | Best Cordless Compact

The boys at the Torque Test Channel have been busy. Are they boys? Well if I got that wrong, let me know TTC. This week the trio decided that it was time to round up all of the Cordless Compact Impact Wrenches and decide once in for all, which is the king. This includes the Makita, Ridgid, Milwaukee and DeWALT. The races aren’t all that close, and the other contenders seem to let Makita walk right up and take the trophy without a peep. But as the team points out, there’s a new DeWALT 20V XR right around the corner, so the Makita may not be bragging for too long. For the full story, head to Torque Test Channel.

Tools & Stuff | Makita XGT 9″ Grinder

Speaking of nameless, faceless people we wish we knew and could see, our buddy from Tools & Stuff shared another Makita XGT review this week, and this time, he brought the absolutely terrifying Makita 40V XGT, 9” Grinder. If you’ve never used a 9” grinder before, it’s an experience. This is a clip of a Metabo Demo where we got to use a 9” grinder to cut through a guard rail, and I can tell you from experience, that if the tool is powerful enough, it drops right through that much steel without a problem. So when I saw there was a new 40V XGT 9” Grinder coming, I immediately stole all the guard rail I could find in anticipation. Tools & Stuff uses it to cut through a bit of rebar, which looks absolutely hilarious compared to the size of that disc. But he eventually cuts some angle iron too, and of course, this beast is up to the task. If you think you can handle a grinder that sized, head over to Tools & Stuff. 

Shop Tool Reviews | Ryobi LED Lights

I can always count on Tim at Shop Tool Reviews to brighten up my day, and this week was no exception. This week he was testing a pair of new hybrid shop lights from Ryobi. The Hybrid part refers to the ability to run off of either their 18V ONE+ batteries or plug them directly into any 120V extension cord. Making them both cordless, and corded. The PCL630 is a floodlight with 1,800 lumens, and the 631, has 3000 lumens spread across those three adjustable panels. And it’s those panels that makes the 631 a much more interesting solution. Those wings actually protect the lenses when it’s closed, allows you to aim your light in multiple directions when open, and if you flip them all the way around, it can even send light in opposite directions. That’s a great way to illuminate an entire room. The thing that surprised me the most, was that the 631 is only $10 more. But don’t let me tell you which one to get just head over to Shop Tool Reviews for your answer. 

VCG Construction | Vyper Shop Stool

You don’t need me to tell you that Vince is a man who gets the job done. As a retail contractor, he’s been solving problems and building solutions for many years, and this week he felt like all that work entitled him to a better shop stool. Which yeah, I can get on board with that. So He decided to purchase a Vyper Shop Stool, this perfectly over-engineered work of functional art, for an eye-watering $575 bucks. This glorious shop stool isn’t just over engineered, it’s over-built right here in the good ole US of A, so you know it’ll be big enough for our American rear ends. Vince not only walks you through the unboxing but also lets us watch as he assembles the thing, bolt by glorious bolt. Once again, a shop accessory I didn’t know I needed, but thanks to VINCE, now I do. Does he regret the purchase, you can find out at VCG Construction.

Man Caver Tools | Hilti Warranty

Now Warranties are not that exciting, but they’re really important. Especially if your power tools are your livelihood. Now Hilti has one of the industry’s most robust warranty, which they refer to as 20 – 2 – 1, which refers to 20 years on materials and workmanship, 2 years of wear and tear, which is insane if you ask me, and 1-day guarantee repair turnaround. Not freak’n bad Hilti. But of course, a warranty is only worth the paper it’s printed on, until you put it to use. So Dave over at Man Caver Tools, who recently had a chuck come off of a Hilti drill, decided he’d head over to a local Hilti store in Elmhurst, IL, to see if they’d fix his drill. You always hope you don’t NEED to use a warranty, and often when it’s time to cash in, things don’t always go smoothly. So we were grateful Dave thought to share his experience with us, and the result was refreshing to say the least. You can find the full story at Man Caver Tools.

Philly Fixed | DeWALT vs Milwaukee

Our last stop this week is with Jim over at Philly fixed who shared the 3rd episode of his ongoing series, SUBCOMPACT SHOW DOWN Previously he’s covered the Ryobi HP, Ridgid, Metabo HPT, and Makita. This time, he puts the DeWALT 20V Atomic Sub Compact Impact Driver into the ring with it’s Milwaukee Peer. The testing includes a lot of screwing in, and screwing out, and drilling holes with a huge ½” twist bit. After adding up all the numbers and filling out the Impacts chart, the Milwaukee really looks to be dominating the class pretty soundly. It’s a lot more expensive than some of the other competitors, but it’s the only kit that includes 2 2ah batteries, so the pricing appears to be a wash. But despite the outcome, this video is another excellent opportunity for you to head over and complain about the brands you didn’t buy, in the comments. Have fun. 

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