PACKOUT M18 Radio Charger 2950

Milwaukee PACKOUT M18 Radio & Charger 2950-20

We have it on pretty good authority that the Milwaukee M18 Radio Charger PACKOUT 2950-20 ($299) will be on store shelves within a few weeks! Having seen and more importantly, heard, this radio at the NPS19 event we can say unequivocally that this radio is a high-quality piece of audio equipment perfection. It features 10 speakers for a full 360 degrees of sound, with excellent highs, mids, and bass.

PACKOUT system integration is really well thought out, unlike other system radios this one is best in the middle of the stack where items you might want easy access to, tool bags, open crate or thin accessory treys stay on top. The radio can support an additional 250 lbs on top but of course you can access full audio controls as well as battery/charger, power cord and storage compartments all while in the stack.

Radio 2950-20 PACKOUT

The charger is a standard (3.0A/h) M18 charger and will work simultaneously while powering the radio. It supports the latest version of Bluetooth (4.2) which has roughly 100 ft range. The USB 2.1 ports will charge/power phones & other devices from M18 batteries. The runtime on the radio at a “normal” level is 24 hours with a 5.0Ah battery, and up to 3 days straight with a 12.0Ah.

Ohio Power Tool has the 2950-20 Radio up for pre-sale with many on order as well as nearly every PACKOUT Box, Bag and Accessory in-stock and ready to go. If you’ve got any questions, you can find them at      


10-Speaker System delivers a balanced sound
360°Sound for large indoor and outdoor spaces
One Subwoofer & one Passive Resonator offer deep bass w/ no distortion
Full connectivity w/ Bluetooth 4.2, AUX, and AM/FM with 18 presets


Full compatibility w/ the PACKOUT™ System
Stack up to 250lbs on the radio
Battery, cord, and onboard storage accessible when in the stack
Easy transportation on and off the jobsite


Charges all M18™ batteries
Onboard sealed storage & 2.1A USB charging
Water & Debris Resistant


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