Milwaukee M12 & M18 Cable Strippers

The Future of Cable Stripping

The new M12 and M18 Cable Strippers from Milwaukee continue their tradition of jobsite safety and productivity. With no exposed blades knife injuries while stripping wire becomes a thing of the past. The right-angle design, bushings, and adjustable depth deliver a controlled and accurate solution for faster stripping across multiple cables. Additionally, the compacted size of the tool makes for easy access to tight spaces while reducing operator fatigue—especially when getting into those crowded panels. And with both a M12 & M18 option electricians on either system can easily add either solution to their repertoire. Check out how it works:

“Smooth as butter. Every time.”

The problem with removing the outer jacket from wire with a knife is obvious—potential hand cutting or serious injury. Stop dealing with cuts in your hands that are now easily avoided. This makes the rest of your workday easier, and your personal life more enjoyable. In addition, the optimized brushing design prevents pesky nicks. However, if that isn’t a huge issue to you, you can at least appreciate the quick-change bushings which are compatible whether you are doing commercial electrician work or power utility applications. But if you can get 375+ strips with a knife, like you can with each Milwaukee blade, without cutting your hand once you must be incredibly gifted or not working at a fast-enough pace.

Compatible Quick-Change Bushings

Solutions for Any Electrician

Back to the bushings, using Copper and Aluminum THHN/XHHW and/or RHW/RHH/USE bushing sets which range from 1/0 to 750 MCM cable sizes there is now a solution for any type of electrician doing any type of secondary stripping all in one place. And you guessed it—all Milwaukee Bushings, and industry standard quick-change bushings, are compatible between both M18 and M12 Cable Strippers.

For Commercial Electricians: M18 2935CU-21, M18 2935AL-21, M12 2435CU-21, and M12 2435AL-21

For Lineman & Underground Utility: M18 2935X-21 and M12 2435X-21

If you’re set on bushings, batteries, and chargers and don’t need a kit—look no further: M18 2935-20 (Bare Tool) or M12 2435-20 (Bare Tool)

Easy Adjust to Set Your Depth

In conclusion, Milwaukee continues to show they invest in their users by not only making their work easier and more efficient—but putting your safety at number 1, 2, and 3 in their list of priorities. They want you to feel good about the tools you’re using which gives you confidence to work with haste and precision.

Pre-Order your Milwaukee Cable Strippers at Ohio Power Tool to get your M12 in Late September 2019, or your M18 in November 2019.

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