Milwaukee M12 Grease Gun 2446-21XC – New Kid on the Block

Announced officially today Milwaukee Tool has come out with a M12 Grease Gun 2446-21XC (Ohio Power Tool, $199). This is a new category for Milwaukee and will go up directly against the Lincoln Lube 12V PowerLuber 1244 (Ohio Power Tool, $199) which has been the most popular cordless grease gun for several years. When compared head to head, Milwaukee vs Lincoln Lube the 12 volt Milwaukee has several advantages. The two kits cost about the same however M12 2446-21XC offers higher pressure with 8,000psi, a battery that can dispense 7 tubes, almost double the lincoln (although 1244 includes 2 batteries vs 2446-21XC kit with 1) and possibly most significantly the Milwaukee M12 battery is shares with 20+ other tools while the Lincoln 12V battery can only be used on the one tool.

The Milwaukee grease gun also offers many innovative new features right down to the basic design of the tool, which has a base and more supportive tube enclosure. Hopefully this new design will prevent some of the damage we see every day with cracked handles and housings. Lincoln does offer an 18 volt PowerLuber 1844 (Ohio Power Tool, $267) which can pump 8-10 tubes per battery and has 2 speed transmission, high volume & high pressure but even their high pressure option is only 7,500psi. The higher pressure is required for some applications, also very useful in cold weather or clearing clogged zerk fittings.        

Overall I think the Milwaukee Grease Gun 2446-21XC Kit (also available as tool only 2446-20XC, $129) will be a very popular item if for no other reason than there are already so many Milwaukee M12 tools and batteries out there. As the M12 line grows it makes the case stronger for all the other existing tools, also this is the first tool we have seen a kit include the M12 XC high capacity battery but it gives me hope on expanding the line further in the future. Read the full Milwaukee press release below:

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation expands its LITHIUM-ION system with the new M12™ Cordless Grease Gun. With up to 25% more pressure and run-time than the competition, the 2446-21XC is capable of delivering over 8,000 PSI max operating pressure for heavy duty applications and dispenses up to seven grease cartridges per battery charge. 
“While most grease fittings require low operating pressures, our user research has unveiled a need for a grease gun that can deliver the high pressure needed for heavy machinery, cold weather and clogged grease fittings,” says Paul Fry, Director of Cordless Tools for Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation.  “Heavy construction, manufacturing and agricultural equipment can have anywhere from a dozen to over a hundred grease fittings that should be greased regularly. The 2446-21XC delivers the highest max operating pressure in its class to get even the toughest jobs done and eliminate as much down time as possible.”

In addition, the Grease Gun is the only tool in its class with a system of compatible tools offering the user greater utility in drilling, fastening, lighting and cutting.  The 2446-21XC also comes standard with a high capacity LITHIUM-ION battery that can provide up to 2X the performance in the user’s other M12™ tools. Other features include a lightweight, ergonomic handle design for added user comfort during prolonged use and an on board hose storage and shoulder strap loop for greater convenience and less mess. With the introduction of the new grease gun and plans to grow the M12™ cordless platform in the future, MILWAUKEE® continues to expand its leadership position in the sub-compact category.  The M12™ platform will continue to offer innovative solutions in power, productivity, and portability.

Specs (2446-21XC)
– Over 8,000 PSI max operating pressure
– Up to 7 cartridges per battery charge
– 2.6oz/min flow rate at 1,000PSI
– 7.2 lbs
– 14” long
– 36” Flex Hose w/ Spring Guard
– Includes 2446-20 grease gun, 36” Flex Hose w/ Spring Guard, Grease Coupler, (1) M12™ XC LITHIUM-ION Battery, 30 minute charger, and carrying case


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