Milwaukee M12 Build Your Own Kit Promotion

m12 build your own

Until the end of the year, Milwaukee is letting users build their own kit in the M12 cordless tool platform. This is kind of a complicated promotion, so bear with me while I try to explain it.

m12 byo 2

Milwaukee has two groups of M12 cordless tools, Group A and Group B. If you purchase a tool from Group A, you get a 48-11-2420 compact 12V Milwaukee battery for free. If you purchase a tool from Group B, you get a 48-11-2440 XC 12V battery for free. If you purchase a tool from Group A and a tool from Group B on the same order, you get the compact 12V battery, the XC 12V battery a 48-59-2401 charger and a 48-55-3490 canvas bag for free. Click here to see a more graphic representation of how this deal works.

Purchase the qualifying bare tools from Ohio Power Tool and the folks there will automatically see to it that you get your free batteries and accessories sent your way. Also, beĀ  sure to sue the coupon code MILWAUKEE when you check out to get free shipping on all Milwaukee cordless tools, accessories, and hand tools until the end of this year.

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