Milwaukee Heated Gear 2015, Already Sold Out?

Milwaukee Heated Gear Sold Out

Not gone yet but… for the previous 5 seasons almost all of the popular Milwaukee Heated Gear Jackets & Hoodies have sold out, many times well before Christmas, looks like Season 6 will be no different. Milwaukee’s annual allotment of several popular sizes and styles are already gone for the season! Of course you can still may find them from your favorite retailers if you get on it now but come Christmas Eve it looks like a Rip-Stop 3-N-1 Heated Jacket in Small or Medium may be harder to come by than a Tickle Me Elmo in 2006.


So what are the hot Jackets for the season? Well for starters the Brand New Rip-Stop 3-N-1 Jackets 2171 (kits, $299) & 2170 (bare, $249) have done very well. Perhaps it was the video we did, even though I got called “awkward as hell…”, don’t worry I promise not to quit my day job. It was not clear if the higher price might scare off some people but the Rip-Stop Hoodie really makes this 2 awesome stand alone garments. Other hot movers anything in Small or Medium, Black Hoodies, Camo Anything, Black & Red Jackets and new Women’s Jacket 2399 ($199) really pretty much all of it. There will be some deals coming after Christmas but we’d doubt there’s really going to be much left on the shelves at that point.

If you are buying for yourself or if you’re holiday shopping for someone else now is the time to pull the trigger, while most of the items are still in-stock. All the hoodies and Jackets qualify for Free Shipping from Ohio Power Tool using Coupon Code = CORDLESS, good for any Milwaukee Cordless orders over $99 through Christmas. With any questions call the pros 800-242-4424. For more info check out these other helpful videos:

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