Milwaukee FINALLY built something you WANT! Plus your power tool news! S3E42

PIPELINE was awesome this week because we were in it. Bob from I Like To Make Stuff teaches us how to buy a battery powered tool and Clint from Tool Review Zone explains the FLEXVOLT advantage! This is your Power tool week in review.

Milwaukee PIPELINE Episode 3 – Belts and Boxes

Yesterday Milwaukee launched the 3rd episode of PIPELINE which featured a few new Milwaukee Tools, but most importantly it featured us. We were fortunate to be invited to participate in this episode of PIPELINE, by helping them introduce the Milwaukee TOPOFF. But that wasn’t all the news. They also announced an updated Sawzall, a few new tools for Linemen including a crimper and bucket accessories, an M18 14” Chop Saw, M12 FUEL Band Saw, and some new toys for our plumber friends. Overnight we published a ton of new videos with extra photos, videos and information you didn’t see in the PIPELINE event. We’ll be sure to include a link to the full PIPELINE playlist here.

Tool Review Zone – DeWALT FLEXVOLT Advantage

DeWALT further confused us all by announcing the new FLEXVOLT Advantage series, but lucky for us, Clint is here to clear it all up. He specifically got his hands on both the Circular Saw and the Hammer Drill, but his first video is about the Drill. In theory, the FLEXVOLT advantage means that this drill WAY over performs, IF you use a FLEXVOLT battery. This three speed hammer drill comes with a sheet full of really impressive numbers, and Clint does a good job of putting it all to the test with both a normal and FLEXVOLT battery. So did the battery really make that big of a difference? You’ll have to watch to find out, and you can find Clint in the Tool Review Zone on YouTube.

Martin Chavarria – HILTI SFE 2-A12

So I have a quick confession to make. A couple years ago Sarah and I had the pleasure of meeting Martin of In Martin’s Garage at a trade event, and I’ve been watching his content ever since. The only problem? Martin is always speaking in some foreign language. But today I JUST realized, that you can turn on subtitles in YouTube, and then tell it to auto translate! Turns out he’s not only fun to watch, but it’s way more fun when you know what he’s saying! This week Martin got his hands on the new Hilti SFE 2-A12 Multi Head Installation Drill Driver. The subcompact class 12V drill includes an offset, right angle, 13mm keyless chuck and a hex bit holder. The brushless motor boasts 301 in-lbs of maximum torque, and hits 1600 rpm in top gear. Besides it’s natural versatility, it also features specialized ergonomics and includes 2 ultra bright leds to light up your work. Martin seems sincerely impressed with the drill, assuming auto-translate is doing a good job. He goes into great detail on each of the 4 heads, and makes a great case for adding this drill to your kit. For the full review head over to Martin Chavarria on YouTube. 

I Like To Make Stuff – How to Buy a Battery Powered Tool

Usually when we’re talking about Bob from I like to Make Stuff, it’s on our maker show, Maker Break. But his most recent episode of BITS, he shares a fantastic guide to battery powered tools. A lot of his advice is fairly fundamental. But the truth is, even pro tradesmen head into a tool store looking to solve a problem with a power tool, only to find 12 different options, in 20 different colors. Don’t do that math. So Bob walks you through not only the basic benefits of using a battery powered tool, but he helps you understand why you might choose one brand over the other, and which voltage makes the most sense for the job you have to do. So if you plan to buy a battery powered tool in the next year or so, we highly recommend you watch this episode over at I Like to Make Stuff on YouTube.

Construction Junkie – Groundbreak 2020

As we mentioned last week, Shane, the Construction Junkie himself, recently shot a ton of new interviews with industry titans for the digital version of ProCore’s Groundbreak 2020. He’s rolling out videos on a fairly regular basis, including this week where he talked with Tom from StructionSite who talks in depth about 360 degree photo documentation for construction. You can watch this interview and the rest of his ProCore content over at Construction

Instagram Favorites

Paul the Tool Pig is running a giveaway right now for some of our favorite construction pants from Blaklader.

Hugh from HD Carpentry was showing off his DeWALT FLEXVOLT Mixing Drill, which he insists is 54v not 60, but I have no idea if we can really trust him.

And finally Murray from Kruger construction has started showing off his new Makita 40V XGT drills that for some reason are available in Canada, but not here in the states. Seriously Makita? Where’s my 40v!?

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