Milwaukee FIGHTS or your attention this week. But EGO and Festool fight back. Power Tool NEWS: S3E34

Bill from Sparky Channel shows us DeWALT 2.0, Festool knocks Makita off A throne, and if you missed Milwaukee’s PIPELINE event, we’ve got you covered. This is your Power tool week in review.

PIPELINE 2020 Wrap Up

The BIGGEST news of the week, Milwaukee’s PIPELINE happened yesterday, and today we’re back to our normal boring lives. But that shouldn’t get ya down. Because now there’s a metric crap ton of Milwaukee videos, right here on Belts and Boxes. If you’re a Milwaukee fan, or a DeWALT fan who hasn’t left a thoughtless insult on YouTube in 20 minutes, I’ll put a link in the description to our Milwaukee PIPELINE playlist where you can find every tool they announced. Don’t forget that in just a couple weeks, PART 2 will come out, which is PACKOUT focused, and we will finally find out if we get our drawers we’ve been asking for. Stay tuned.

Sparky Channel – DeWALT Tough System 2.0

DeWALT’s Tough System 2.0 mobile storage system is finally finding it’s way onto jobsites, and Bill brought a set to the Sparky channel to give us his take. We got a chance to see this kit up close back in November of last year, so we’re not surprised that Bill loves this stuff. He takes his time looking at the Rolling Tool Box, the Large Tool Box, and the Regular Tool Box, demonstrates their features and seems particularly happy about it’s backward compatibility with Tough System 1.0. If you’re ready to upgrade your DeWALT storage, head over to Sparky Channel on YouTube.

Tools At Work – Festool TSC 55

This next video was a surprise to us. Our buddy Austin shared a review of the Festool TSC 55 track saw, naming it the best Track Saw of 2020, which essentially made the recent Tool Box Buzz video completely obsolete. Austin is a talented carpenter we’ve featured on our show many times. We put a lot of weight into his recommendations, and here he convincingly suggests that Festool is still the king of track saws for all the high quality, feature rich, wallet burning Festool reasons you’d expect. But even he takes a swipe at the Tool Box Buzz crew. Someone better call Johns Hopkins and tell them to prepare the burn unit. For the full review head over to Tools at Work on YouTube.

Kite Army – EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower

And finally, several tool channels got the new EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower this last week, us included, but only Andrew from the Kite Army thought to use it with sawdust. FREAK’N… GENIUS. Andrew has a thing for EGO. So while the rest of us unboxed the 2-stage snow blower and, you know, looked at it, Andrew was already filling his backyard with saw dust. This gave us the first look at EGO’s claimed 35’ throwing distance, and look at that thing go! Is this a perfect test of a snowblower? No. But it’ll do for now. But we’re still waiting to see this thing take on the mountains of snow it’s made for. You can see the full review at Kite Army on YouTube. 

Construction Junkie

 It’s time again for our construction industry news, courtesy of the Construction Junkie. OSHA’s Safe & Sound Week just wrapped up, and if you missed it, you’re no longer safe. Or sound for that matter. But don’t worry, there are two more safety awareness weeks you can get your company involved in, starting with September 14th – 18th with OSHA’s 7th Annual National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls event. OSHA, in partnership with other industry safety organizations including NIOSH and CPWR. They have put together a solid list of resources that your company can use to highlight the hazards and best practices of fall hazards and prevention in construction. Suggested activities include holding toolbox talks, performing PPE inspections, and developing rescue plans.

That same week is Construction Safety Week, which is presented by a group made up of trade organizations, industry partners, advocates, and members with the goal of recognizing and celebrating those who practice and enforce safety on the jobsite in order to ensure everyone goes home safe to their families.

Each day of the event focuses on a different safety topic, with September 18th being my favorite: “Thank you, Construction Workers”. They say what we’re all thinking. 

For more on those stories, and the rest of your construction industry news, head over to 

Instagram Favorites from this week!

The Melbourne Chippy Chick, she started the work week off with a few of her favorite DeWALT Tools and found a way to work in the sun. Great plan Stef!

Kiefer the Toolaholic asked if you could see his hidden access panel, and I did. (Rob can’t prove otherwise.)

And finally, our friends at Woodenlaser broke out the 30ft Stihl chainsaw to cut through that tiny log.

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