Milwaukee And Makita Race to get NEXT GEN Track Saws to the shelves FIRST!

THIS week, Milwaukee’s favorite tiny saw gets torn apart, A Delta gets caught wearing Ridgid, and the TIA CREW brings out the big toys for the big boys.  This is your Power Tool Week In Review! 

Oz Tool Talk | RIDGID R09-89-4B

Welcome back power tool fans, I’m Rob. Sarah was suddenly called away for a family emergency, everyone is fine, but I’ll have to handle this myself this week. Now I wrote this script with Sarah in mind, and most of the jokes include back and forth between the two of us. So to accommodate her absence, I’ll be wearing this wig for all of her parts. 

I’m just kidding let’s get to the news. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Mike and Dwain back in their garage this week, debating the finer points of a nail gun. This time around they have a brand new AEG, or Aussie Engineering Greatness nail gun. AEG really stands for that, but I can’t pronounce that. Fortunately for us, in the states, we call it the RIDGID R09-89-4B 18V Brushless Cordless Framing Nailer. And after putting the nailer to work, the boys seem pretty pleased with it’s ability to drive nails. But they have a small problem with how it looks. “It’s not gonna win a beauty contest. …. Well again, coming back to me, neither am I.” Awww don’t say that Mike, you two are the best looking Aussies I know! Sarah was gonna say, and then I’d say … aren’t they the only… you get it. For the full video head over to Oz Tool Talk. 

M4 Drums & Builds | Ridgid Saw

Maybe I should have just skipped this episode. Earlier this week, YouTube decided to show me this video in my feed. I was intrigued because that obviously Ridgid saw, looks an awful lot like the Delta Cruiser. So I watched it. What I discovered was not only a really interesting rebranded saw, but I also found this guy. This is Matt. His review is very detailed, thorough, and well produced. Video and audio are on point, and he spends just enough time on each feature. And when I first watched his review, he had only 33 subscribers. Matt should have more than that. I know you guys watch us because you love power tools, and just like us, you want to encourage this community to grow. So I’m going to ask you guys a personal favor. As soon as you’re done watching this video, head over to Matt’s channel, watch the review, give him a thumbs up and a sub, and tell him Belts and Boxes sent ya, will you? I think we could get this guy his first 3 digit milestone in the first hour. You can find him at M4 Drum & Builds, or we’ll have a direct link below.

Tool Review Zone | Ryobi Ratchet

Clint over at tool review zone got his hands on Ryobi’s new HP class ¼” Cordless Ratchet. And this one, in particular, is so good, it sends Clint back in time to his old job in a mechanics shop in 1996 where he established his long-time feud with the ever evil pneumatic hose… Sarah was gonna say “Ahhh, 1996. I miss being 5 years old”. And then I was gonna go Oh you can shut right the … I’m just gonna skip the jokes maybe. Clint is naturally thrilled to be using a modern, and powerful cordless ratchet instead, and in the end, he not only loves the thing, but seems pretty confident that it’ll hold up. For the full review head over to Tool Review Zone.

Tools & Stuff | Makita XGT Track saw

Tools and Stuff decided to highlight a bunch of new Makita XGT 40V Tools, including Fans, Mowers, coolers, those look awesome, and yup…. That’s THE Makita’s XGT 40V Tracksaw. For those uninitiated, Makita’s current 36V LXT X2 Brushless 6 ½” track saw is a veritable legend in our industry. It came in second in Rob Robillards head 2 head, only behind a much more expensive Mafell. Several highly reputable woodworkers on youtube use them including Jonathan Katz Moses. Both of those recommendations should tell you a lot about Makita’s saw. So when I say a LOT of people are holding their breath, waiting for the XGT version, I’m not joking. And with a possible Milwaukee track saw somewhere in our near future, I’m really anxious to see who will make it to shelves first. If you’re on the fence about taking the Makita XGT leap, you should already be subbed to Tools & Stuff, and be sure to watch his latest video.

Tools In Action | Ingersol Rand

The boys at Tool In Action were back in action again this week, and decided to visit an old staple of their channel,  Eric Bode of Bode Tree Care, who occasionally helps them test the big tools for big mechanics. And this time they came with a real doozy. That’s the Ingersoll Rand W9691 1in extended Anvil Impact Wrench, which claims to have 3000 ft lbs of nut-busting torque, and 2,200 ft lbs of max fastening torque. TTC, where are you guys?  Dan and Eric put this ridiculously powerful beast to work on an old truck that was left sitting for a few years, just getting crankier and crankier by the day. And guess what…. Yeah it was NOT a challenge. Eric said it works really well, he liked the balance of the thing, and pointed out how perfect it would be for road emergencies. He said it was really comparable to an air tool, without all of the pain of an air tool and compressor. For the full review head over to tools in action.

Pro Tool Reviews | DeWALT Vs Milwaukee

We swung over to Pro Tool Reviews this week to see what Clint and Kenny were up to, and they were both missing. Instead, some dude named Josh was wandering around their shop as if he owned the place. Who knows, and the guy just started playing with tools. Which if I’m being honest, if those guys ever let me in their shop, I’d start playing with all the tools too. Josh specifically decided he wanted to know if DeWALT or Milwaukee made a better impact. To test the tools he built a range of 5 challenges he calls the mountain, and just like every DeWALT vs Milwaukee challenge on Youtube, the outcome was the same. To find out who really won, head over to Pro Tool Reviews.

AVE | Milwaukee Cut-Off

Do you guys remember AvE? You know, from yesterday when you last watched one of his videos? Well it’s been something like 5 months since his last BOLTER, or Bored of Lame Tool Reviews Video. But this week he blessed us with a new one, this time focused on Milwaukee’s ridiculously popular M12 FUEL  3” Compact Cut Off Tool, which he promptly tears apart, details all the particulars of it’s inside bits, and then… leaves it on his workbench in a big pile of part. He usually puts it back together and gives it a go, but he said that’ll come in another video. And as a guy who would get probably get 300k views sharing his thoughts on the oxford comma, breaking up a popular Milwaukee tear down into two videos just makes good sense. Still worth catching the first one over at AvE

Landberg Tile TV | Bosch Blaze Measurer

We have another new contestant this week. This one was brought to our attention by our new fancy club of people more special than you, that being our Production Crew right here on the channel. We meet with them in a members-only live video every Tuesday, where we chat and gather our features for this show. This time they pointed us to Landberg Tile TV. Landberg, I’m assuming that’s his name, has a fantastic channel that covers tools and build projects all focused on tile. This week he got a hold of one of the new Bosch Blaze Green Laser distance finders, just like the one we gave away during our live event. Of course, a Bosch Blaze would be a real handy tool to have when working with tile, and this guy seems to be really happy with it. He walks you through all the features and even takes it outside in the sunshine to prove how well that green dot shows up even in bright light. His channel is packed with useful videos about tile and the tools he uses to make them look so good. Which by the way… How did he get this far in YT without creating an insanely cool tile backdrop? The disappointment is real man. For his full Bosch review, head over to Landberg Tile TV.

Last week we asked Tim what the heck that tool is, which you can watch right here. I want to thank SKIL, and Ohio Power Tool for sponsoring us this week. Guys, we couldn’t do it without you. If you liked this episode, give it a thumbs up and if you loved it, we hope that you subscribe. Do something kind for someone else this weekend, and we’ll see you next week.

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