Milwaukee 5 core Video/Data/Voice Hand Tools

Punch it out with the Milwaukee Video/Data/Voice Hand Tools. As you know, that internet thing really took off. Data cables are being pulled everywhere, it’s the fastest growing segment of the electrical industry. Introducing 5 core hand tools that will allow you to cut, strip, and terminate CAT3-CAT6 Ethernet cabling more efficiently and effectively. There is a lot of Data Comm tool options out there. However, if you’re pulling/punching cable and love that Milwaukee red, this is perfect for you!

48-22-2165 Punchdown Tool with Extended Blade $79.99
48-22-2145 4-in-1 Multi Pick $14.99
48-22-4045 Electrician Snips $24.99
48-22-3075 Ratcheting Modular Crimper $69.99
48-22-3065 Universal Twisted Pair (UTP) Stripper $14.99
48-22-2166 Extended Punchdown Blade $24.99
48-22-2167 110/66 Punchdown Blade $15.99

When you’re punching down, one of the biggest struggles is visibility. No matter where the punch is located, Milwaukee has got you covered. The Impacting Punchdown Tool w/ Extended Blade features two new-to-world innovations – an Integrated LED Light and an Extended Reach Punchdown Blade. These features will give users the best access and visibility when connecting and terminating CAT3-CAT6 Ethernet cabling in tight, cluttered, and poorly lit working spaces.

Extend the life of your snips with the Bolt Lock Technology, the blades on the Electrician Snips will not loosen. The Electrician Snips also feature an ergonomic, high leverage handle and wire gullet, which allow users to cut through wire more effectively.

Not a lot of innovation here, Crimpers are Crimpers. I like the parallel crimp design as it will allow a more consistent crimp. You can be confident that your connections will not fail.

Another “new-to-world” innovation is the 4-in-1 Multi Pick Tool. This tool frees up precious space in a  tool pouch as it integrates 4 key precision tools, a wire pick, spudger, 1/8” slotted screwdriver, and Phillips #0 screwdriver, into one convenient multi-tool.

Again, not much room for innovation. However, it’s coated with that beautiful Milwaukee red! The design of the UTP Stripper allows you to comfortably strip the outer jacket of Ethernet cabling with one hand.

All 5 of these VDV hand tools are available now!

Visit Ohio Power Tool for all your Milwaukee Tool and Accessories! If you have any question do not hesitate to give these guys a call 800-242-4424 they are more than happy to help you find the right tool for the job.

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