MAKITA and DOLMAR are Merging into One

Dolmar Makita Chain Saws

The Dolmar Outdoor Equipment brand has been owned by Makita for many years now (since 1991), which is why Makita does so well with gas blowers, gas concrete cutters and gas chain saws. Leading the way with the MM4 4-stroke technology but also continuing to innovative on the 2-stroke side with MM2.

Moving forward the Makita and Dolmar brands will become one under Makita Power Equipment, by integrating the two there will actually be a rather large expansion of the professional chain saw options for forestry and farm as well as occasional use. The deeper line-up of power equipment makes sense on both sides and will tie in nicely with all the 18V and 18Vx2 (36V) Lithium-Ion cordless chain saws, blowers, trimmers, etc. Below is a brushless 36v chain saw model currently selling in Japan, looks like it will hit US market soon as XCU03Z. Longer run-time, longer bar, better balance and more power!  

36V brushless chainsaw

So what’s changing in the Chain Saws? The Makita chain saws are part of the rolling change, listed below, they will cover everything from home owner grade to true professional saw. These chain saws will eventually go to the new red/orange color, adopted from Dolmar but of course get the new Makita name plate. It’s not clear if the other power equipment will make the same color change so far everything else is staying teal.

Makita MM2 Chain Saws

The MM2 technology is on all the Makita chain saws which feature spring assist easy start low RPM ignition coil which results in 30% less pull resistance, more dependable starts and longer lasting starter assemblies. Single lever control for choke, run, stop means simple operation, easy shut-off and better lock-off position.

The MM4 technology is the first 4-stroke outdoor power equipment to hit the market for power cutters and gas blowers. By eliminating the need to mix fuel on the job and keep 2 separate gas cans reduces the opportunity for error and makes the jobsite safer. Leading the way in this technology we fully expect Makita to continue to build on this platform and perhaps we will see a MM4 chain saw in the future.

For now there is a limited offering of Makita that has made the platform change to Orange color but we fully expect more to roll over very soon. The good news is whether they are getting the Makita Power Equipment in Teal or Orange they will all feature the same MM2 or MM4 technology.

New Makita Power Equipment Chain Saws (Rolling Changes)

EA3200SR – 14″ 32 cc Chain Saw
EA3201SR – 14″ 32 cc Chain Saw w/ Tool-less Tensioner
EA3500SR – 16″ 35 cc Chain Saw
EA3601SR – 16″ 36 cc Chain Saw w/ Tool-less Tensioner
EA4300FR – 16″ 43 cc Chain Saw
DCS5121R – 18″ 50 cc Chain Saw
EA5600FR – 16″-20″ 56 cc Chain Saw
EA5000PR – 16″-20″ 50 cc Chain Saw
EA5001PR – 16″-20″ 50 cc Heated Handle Chain Saw
EA6100PR – 20″ 61 cc Chain Saw
EA7300PR – 73 cc Chain Saw
EA7301PR – 73 cc Heated Handle Chain Saw
EA7900PR – 79 cc Chain Saw
EA7901PR – 79 cc Heated Handle Chain Saw

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