Makita 36V Rotary Hammer with 18V Batteries

Makita 36V Rotary Hammer

Flipping through one of our favorite Construction Supply magazines yesterday I came across a very interesting Makita advertisement for the new 18VX2 SDS-Plus 1” Rotary Hammer Drill. Not really much info available yet on this new tool, but from the ad it appears to be a 36V unit which is powered by 2x 18V LXT. This is very interesting as Makita just recently announced a new 18V Brushless SDS Hammer LXRH011 with cordless HEPA vac. The 18VX2 is a 36V unit which means you will definitely need 2 batteries but it doesn’t mention anything about brushless technology so our first question is how would these 2 compare in run time. The new unit will just come as a tool only version HRH01ZX2 with a target retail price of $359. 

What this does do is give the full power of a 36V rotary hammer but still with a platform that is compatible with the other 60+ tools in their robust 18V LXT lineup. We’d also love to see a 2-3 battery charger to accompany this tool as it’s going to require plenty of fresh batteries to keep operational. I’m curious if we can fake it out with one fresh battery and a dead one like you can with the TV remote? Certainly all our questions will be answered at the upcoming STAFDA meeting where we imagine this will be one of the Makita highlights. In trying to find more info on this online we did discover our good buddy Stuart at ToolGuyd had picked it up a few days before us, so there are some good comments on his post you might want to checkout.

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