Makita 18V Pin Nailer 23 Gauge XTP01 with Miss Makita

It was a surprise to learn Miss Makita, Ally Mello, actually knows something about power tools and was pretty handy with the cordless pin nailer. Apparently she does a little refinishing/repurposes of old furniture in her spare time. Makita is the first to offer an cordless Pin Nailer for 23 gauge pin nails. The Makita XTP01Z ($189) can fire roughly 1,000 pins per Amp Hour on a battery so 3.0Ah battery would do roughly 3,000 pins. This would be a great option for a slim 2.0Ah battery pack to keep it as light as possible. The gun has plenty of power to drive the tiny pins and tool features all expected items like anti-dry fire, depth adjust and two stage trigger.

Pin nailers seem to be growing in popularity which makes sense to us because they can nearly eliminate any hole marks on small and medium width trim, more creases the better. Accuracy is much more targeted than a brad nailer and in many cases can replace a brad nail in terms of holding power. For furniture or other projects often glue is doing the real holding anyway so the pin nail is acting more like a clamp until it drys but one that won’t shift or settle funny. Going cordless with a pin nailer makes as much or more since than other cordless 15ga, 16ga, 18ga finish nailers.

Makita XTP01Z

If you are refinishing old furniture like Ally, Makita seems like a great option as they are the only ones with a cordless pin nailer or a cordless 5″ orbital sander. For month of August take advantage of a this Makita 18V Bare Tool deal, buy 2 tools, get 2 batteries. If you’ve got any questions on any Makita Tools of course contact the pros at Ohio Power Tool and they will help you find the right tool for the job.

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