Makita 18V Brushless 5-7/8” Metal Saw XSC02

Makita metal saw brushless

We recently put one of the new Makita 18V 5-7/8” Metal Circular Saw XSC02Z ($199, bare) into the hands of Evan, one of our tool testers who used it to put up new metal siding on a barn. This unit was the first brushless metal cutting circular saw to hit the market which not only adds power but also significantly boosts run-time. Another big difference with this unit is an increased capacity from 5-3/8” which was the standard for this type of saw to the 5-7/8” after finding some limits on common 2” applications, the XSC02 has a full 2-1/4” capacity.

XSC02 Makita Saw

In terms of run-time, a single 5.0Ah battery got roughly 150 linear feet of cutting which was most of the work day for this job. Cutting is very fast, material stays cool to the touch and motor did not struggle. The clear shroud keeps metal shavings down however can make visibility a little tricky. With the new blade size does come some practical issues as Makita 5-7/8” Metal Blades are not going to be common in your local hardware and the arbor for this saw is 5/8” which means you can’t even use a 5-3/8” blade in a pinch from a competitor as those are all 20mm standard arbor.

Our good friends Joe and Ally (Miss Makita) recently helped demo this saw in a nice video and you can see it cutting through 2″ pipe. If you’ve got any questions on this saw or any other Makita 18V Cordless give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help.

Metal Barn Siding

Metal Barn Siding

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