Lincoln PowerLuber Grease Gun (Corded) AC2440

The new Lincoln PowerLuber AC2440 ($188, Ohio Power Tool) is the new corded version that will plug into any standard 120V outlet and uses the 14 oz grease tubes. The AC2440 has similar output as the cordless 14.4V & 18V Cordless PowerLubers with 2 speed options, High Pressure (3.6 oz/min) & Low Pressure (8.0 oz/min) but will never run out of juice as long as it’s plugged in. Basically this is a good option if you need a lightweight portable grease gun to do a lot of volume but will always be close to power or a generator. In certain shops this might make a lot of sense however the new Lincoln 1844 ($267, Ohio Power Tool), 18V grease gun is now available which can do 8-10 tubes per battery so running out of juice with this cordless is less of an issue. Checkout all the Lincoln PowerLuber options.      


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