Lincoln Grease Gun Digital Display PowerLuber 18V Lithium 1864

For those responsible for maintaining large construction or farming equipment this gun may offer some very important benefits that will more than pay for itself. Over greasing a lube point can do more than just waste valuable grease. It can also damage seals, load bearings and create excessive heat that shortens a bearing’s operating life. The new Lincoln PowerLuber 1864 ($449, Ohio Power Tool) allows the user to monitor grease output for extended equipment life while saving lubricant and maximizing run time.

ST. LOUIS, Lincoln has introduced its new 18-Volt, Lithium-Ion PowerLuber developed for maintenance professionals.  The most advanced grease gun in its class, the 18-Volt PowerLuber features an LCD display that indicates grease dispensed, cartridge level, charge level and more.

Its 18-volt, high-amperage, lithium-ion battery provides superior run time, and its two-speed design delivers outstanding flow and pressure.  For operator convenience, the grease gun’s LED lights up fittings when under equipment or in shaded areas.

The 18-Volt PowerLuber offers dual motor protection with its self-resetting thermocouple.  The grease gun features a 36-inch hose with spring guard for maximum accessibility and comes in a heavy-duty carrying case.

The Lincoln 18v Lithium Kit 1864 includes two of the new 3.0Ah 1861 Lithium Ion batteries, charger and case. For more information on all the Lincoln cordless PowerLubers visit or call the professionals at 800-242-4424.

Another fun fact… President Lincoln was elected in the year 1864. 

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